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  1. Unable to extract "JE3 23569 Ulite 2016.7z" I got the message: Unsupported method in "JE3 23569 Ulite 2016.nb0"
  2. I guess, I don't have issue with INTERNET network settings. I'm able to connect internet using Opera and other stuff. The only issue I've is ActiveSync does connect to my corporate server but throws the following exception!! check this out in the screen shots. I got this kind of issue when I port lite or sense rom. When I've used samsung official ROM or Rapids Sense ROM or ryrzr's custom ROM, I did not get this issue in those ROMs. I guess the issue is with the ROM and is missing supporting libraries!!
  3. Hi, I got ActiveSync issue. It's unable to sync with my corporate server. I'm using LiteEng rom. Help plz.
  4. Try this out : Click here Pinch to zoom ON ANY DEVICE IN OPERA! Development INFO ALPHA2! Compatibility list Opera 9.5 - tested, works (on some builds) Opera 9.7 - tested, works (on some builds) Google Maps - tested, works Opera 10 - doesn't support this type of stuff or I'm not aware of that HTC Album - working on supporting it
  5. Hi Shadowangel.... Sorry for asking the same again: Any solution for password unlock, which was posted in the first page. -- Suri
  6. Hi Shadowangel, One more bug... Same old Graphics issue in Sense tabs i.e. showing white squre boxes... checkout the screenshots. It's not a big problem but could you help us in password unlock issue. -- Suri.
  7. Hi Shadowangel, Thanks a lot Dude. This one is damn good compare to the previous one. It's good to see Animated Wallpaper works for home screen. Missing Peep(twitter) tab in Sense, but noticed it's there in the start menu. Thanks, Suri.
  8. Hi Shadowangel, First issue(dont mind).. I've configured my mail client to exchange server, server forces for password lock. After everything done I was trying to unlock by supplying the password(which I've set at the time configuration) but it does not unlock and goes back to the initial lockscreen. I've tried this several times but no use except a hard reset. -- Suri. [i8000 Hard Reset Key combination: Right Side hardware Lock key + Volume Up key + Phone Dial button + Phone Power On/Off button.]
  9. Thanks dude... Hope this time no(minimal) issues found in this ROM. -- Suri
  10. Hi Shadowangel, 5. In various tabs of HTC Sense White/Black square boxes are shown instead of actual picture(This happens frequently). Check out screenshots. I've tried hard reset but still no use. -- Suri
  11. Hi Shadowangel, I'm pretty curious and waiting for all new 2016 Sence ROM release with the following fix patch. So far what I've found.. 1. Camera Application not working fine to take either Still photos or Video. 2. Either Touch Player or WMP unable to play mp4 files. 3. Icon not displayed correctly, check mail_ss.jpg attachment. 4. Internet tab does not capture the browser snapshot. Will update more soon. -- Suri.
  12. Hi shadowangel, I've installed Cookie Home Tab 1.8.0 + CHTEditor, but when try to edit home layout the phone hangs and restarts after some time. Any help appreciated. Suri.
  13. It's the default name which comes with the ROM. You can change it to any name in a few clicks: Start Menu --> Settings --> System --> About --> Device ID
  14. Hi Shadowangel, Thank you so much for the wonderful ROM. First of all I've noticed HTC Sense is pretty much smooth compare to nOObody+Rapid's ROM. Looking forward for the new 2016 ROM with Camera fix.
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