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  1. does anybody knows how to unlock the O2 or know where to have it done?
  2. ngeh, this instruction makes you downgrade the phone. is there no solution to unlock it and stay on the higher version?? or unlock it and upgrade it and stay unlocked??
  3. there are quite a few series of smart numbers that cannot be accessed using bayantel landline or globe/sun/touch mobile even talk and text cellular and also there are some identical number, as in pareho lahat even the access code, at hindi siya clone.
  4. nope, not with globe, since if you're using globe and if the network is congested you will get a message sending fail notice so you'll know, with smart no matter how clogged their network is their "micro cell" will accept your message so that you'll get the message sent notice but your text is queried and lost in the ether. if a globe user texted you and they do get the message sent notice, your text is already on the way to smart's network and it is smart that lost you message on the way. with smart if you texted even a smart subscriber you don't really kow if your message really has been sent or joke lang yung message sent na notice.
  5. I'm using Globe and I'm even using yahoo messenger on my phone and I'm not getting any charges as long as it is browsing it is free, but once you download stuff there are charges.
  6. is there a device to add bluetooth connectivity? and i don't mean head set but data,
  7. .sis proggy are symbian os program, they are for nokia 3650/7650/9210 and sony ericsson p800
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