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  1. Hello all! Just wondering how can I see what ROM I currently have on my Omnia, turned it on after 2 years and would liek to try out different roms but, I do like the current one so I would like to be able to download it again if needed. Cheers, shorto
  2. Hi all! I'm using STEFF's latest ROM and I love it, I only have one question is there a way to make the keyboard bigger or something that makes it possible to type mails and so on using my fingers instead of the stylus? The keyboard in steff's rom is fine but it just needs a little tweak. Any ideas? Cheers
  3. Hello all! I was just wandering what ROM should I use? I'm currently trying out OCK's latest ROM and I'm quite happy with it but I cannot install certain programs on it (cannot choose paths of install etc...) the weather plug in does not work, I have to reboot every time I go on the Internet since it does not want to shut down the GPRS connection and perhaps the biggest flaw that I cannot live with is that some programs that work on clean WM 6.5 crash immediately after start-up (like iGO navigation). So I'm looking for a new ROM, any suggestions? Cheers, shorto
  4. Hello all! Just wanted to ask for your quick help, I installed iGo 8.3.2 on my Omnia, the place where I got it some people claim that it works fine but others have the same problem as me. The applications starts up and the crashes in 1-2sec while it's loading. Nobody has any idea how to fix this over there so I'm asking if anybody here has any ideas? Tnx in advanced!
  5. Very good rom, but I have a little problem with it; Can't select install folders in programs. Tried 3 dictionary programs all the same. The OK button just disappeared... The thing is this is the same with all M2D roms, the original Windows Mobile 6.5 has no problems, so the screenshot is from ryzor's rom cuz I was too lazy to make one since i just finstalled this rom :D. Any ideas?
  6. M2D Weather Fix link not working... Anyone? and the "Internet" tab Browser nothing happenes... xD
  7. 1st let me say great rom, been using it ever since I got my Omnia! Recently I upgraded to Build 28205 (M2D version) and the "browser tab" stopped working I can press as much as I want on the "Launch Browser" but nothing happens. I tried reinstalling/upgrading Opera and still nothing. Another question would be in the "programs tab" In cannot add any of my programs (garmin, dictionaries etc...) only 5 of the already installed programs can be added (the advanced config etc...). And my last question; I cannot search for "locations" in programs like in this example; I cannot select any folders in any programs with a similar thing as the one above. Any ideas?

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