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  1. Paul, i saw somewhere on youtube there is a quick-boot option in the settings. If i remember right, the device goes hibernate / deep-standby or something if activated. (Btw. wondering how long the battery would last in this state. A week? or two?) I also saw on this video a GSII boots faster when this option on sensation is disabled. Edit: Source: (turn sound for this video off in your own interest, lol) Regards
  2. Well, interesting. But did you read the line "UPDATE: There is now free app on the market that do this for you." in the first post of your linked thread? Why messing around with scripts then?... Will try this app now :-) (...on my htc hero, lol. Don´t have an O2x yet... )
  3. I´m monitoring some forums for a while now. And i´m very interested in this phone. From next thursday on i can get a new phone by contract-renewal. But since i read about screen-light-leaks in the edges and read about a lot of shut down complains i´m thinking about spending some bucks more and get a Galaxy SII which should release in somewhat more than a month. I´m really unsure...
  4. Tristan i´ve "eclaired" your bootscreen. Download "bootanimation-original_light_edit_eclaired_noupdate.zip" :http://tiny.cc/QgseX and rename it to bootanimation.zip If you run any eclair Rom like AOSP Eclair 2.1 you can push it to /data/local (for some reason it doesn´t work for me if i push it into system/media and i read somewhere android looks for bootanimation.zip in /data/local at first) Don´t extract it. Push the zip as it is but don´t forget to rename it and there you go. Tested on KaguDroid 1.2.1. ...it´s a bit sluggish at the beginning of the animation. Maik
  5. jnwhiteh, nice work. This Rom has "native" .flac support like KaguDroid 1.2.x has, right? If i understood right what i read about it, Cyanogen-based-roms have all this patch. Maik
  6. Ok, thanks. That´s what i wanted to know. Btw, very cool Rom since the network-location is fixed for me. :) Maik
  7. Sorry, for annoying again. But i can´t find any documentation about it. I searched by google and searched in developer.android.com and other forums. Can i have link? Maik
  8. Yes, i mean the protected apps problem. Lot of 2.x ROMs still have this issue.
  9. @jnwhiteh: Is it possible to fix the market in other roms by pushing any file of your rom or something?
  10. In earlier Releases [email protected] has just been a heavily customized 1.5 (!) Rom but he changed something (in the build.prop ??) so it will accept apk´s from higher sdk´s. It has been a fake-2.1. ...that´s what i understood. ...correct me if i´m wrong That would explain why location works with his Rom. But i can´t find the hint for this anymore in his first post in his Thread on XDA, so maybe it´s a "real" 2.1 now. Will check that as soon i have time for it Maik
  11. Just for info... don´t know if this could be usefull On Modaco Rom the phone-info (*#*#4636#*#*) for telephone-number (line 2) is unknown but on this rom there is no value
  12. Here... http://www.android-hilfe.de/root-hacking-m...ir-2-0-1-a.html ...is a link to an HTC Magic Rom which includes milestone-googlebits. As you may notice, there is a "location.apk". I messed around with it and from what i saw within the apk, it is from Motorola. Maybe it´s Motorola´s way to get a location? However, wasn´t able to make the location.apk running on the hero yet. (It´s not listed in the package browser) Maik
  13. Do you have an kind of Firewall installed? Droidwall for example... If yes. Check configuration. Maik
  14. ...ok, but my build.prop - hacks made some thing else... I was just remembering this... when i was reading this... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=595108 then i changed this... ro.ril.hsxpa=1 ro.ril.gprsclass=10 into this... ro.ril.hsxpa=2 ro.ril.gprsclass=12 and then reflashed radio-rom and now i have no more JH in the About-screen :) But ... now i have no idea what exactly made this happen ro.com.google.locationfeatures=1 ro.com.google.networklocation=1 ro.com.google.clientidbase=android-htc or / and ro.ril.hsxpa=2 ro.ril.gprsclass=12 Maik
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