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  1. its just awesome , I LOVE IT but i have a problem .. i guess my battery life has deteriorated coz of android . Any one has noticed this problem while using android . or may be i m playin with it too much
  2. NO i dont think charger is the cause of the problem .. coz sometimes my phone charges normally through wall charger but most of the times it displays the msg BATTERY FULL PLEASE REMOVE THE CHARGER .Any suggestions ?? i have done a SOC (state of charge) RESET .. then i have flashed a new rom , but the problem is still there . :) AND NO IT IS NOT CHARGIN WHILE TURNED OFF :)
  3. hey guys .. this weird problem has developed with my b7610 pro, when i connect my phone to wall charger within 1-2 mins it would show 100% battery and when i remove the charger from the phone , it would come to the normal levels say 15% .Phone would charge normally while turned off or through usb . I am really annoyed with this problem . i have done a hard reset but it hadnt solved my problem :) . I m using daskalos GA rom V3 since last 2-3 months and I never had any problems with phone .. just recently it had cropped up ( since last week) .. any suggestion guys ????? it sucks :)
  4. haha this one is unique :rolleyes: .. NICE IDEA :huh: .. WANNA SHARE UR TONE ??
  5. as the topic suggest .. WHATS UR CURRENT RINGTONE .. or WHATS THE BEST RING TONE U HAVE EVER USED ?? I am really curious.. need loads of answers guys :rolleyes:
  6. MAKE WAY FOR THE BIG BROTHER ... SAMSUNG OMNIA 7 WOW !!!!! what a phone .. just amazing... i m already drooling have a look at this video guys , gimme ur thoughts
  7. well i think u should take it to nehru place service station .. coz its owned by Samsung. i went to these small service centre but all of them recommended me to go to nehru place coz these small service centre send the phones to the nehru place for repairs & perhaps they could solve ur problem BEST OF LUCK !!!
  8. Just an amazing rom .. it fixed ring delays ... i m lovin it .Is there any workaround for INCREASING RING ISSUE ??? I know Daskalos u can dooo it .. JUST DO IT !!!!!!!!
  9. what abt increasing ring tone issue .. ?? its really annoying that samsung call it a FEATURE ... it sucks :P . Any patch to fix this issue?
  10. with in a minute .. wow .. DUNNO HOW TO GET A FIX THAT FAST :D :D
  11. 52 views & just one reply ?? come on guys we all use GPS .. isnt it !!!
  12. YES i also think so . Daskalos bro you are 100% correct .. there r few members in forum who likes criticizing B7610 PRO ..i think ur roms & other softwares makes it much better & user friendly .... I M GOIN TO STICK WITH IT , NO MATTERS WHAT OTHER GUYS SAYS
  13. google maps is a different story all together ..coz it uses data connection & I think it locates via cellphone towers.I m talking abt stand alone GPS navigation software
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