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  1. hey guys , today i was surfing the net & i came across this awesome web browser its name is uZard . It looked good so i tried it on my Omnia pro i was surprised that it was amazing , i was able to play youtube videos on this browser & surf the web . So i thought i should share it with u COZ ITS AWESOME :( :o :o TRY URSELF :( OFFICIAL SITE http://www.uzard.com/en/main/main.asp uZardWebP_vga.cab
  2. well if u think like that .. pity on u . U know what ur promoting piracy on this thread & its illegal . If you are using paid apps for free bro ur just destroying the developer community ITS A SHAMEEEEEEEE !!!
  3. outdated !!! bro according to them its already outdated
  4. hey guys i just came across this thread on modaco http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...r-10-years-sad/. It was really really heart breaking for me .. i bought my omnia pro just 4-5 months ago and i felt like cryin after i saw this thread but the things all the guys have posted are kinda true .NOW I THINK I MADE A REALLY REALLY BAD CHOICE ..AND NOW I M STUCKED WITH IT :rolleyes: :D I would like to hear ur comments on this topic .. So plzzzzzzz do reply if u love WINDOWS MOBILE
  6. what kinda colour probs r u facing ?? is it just during video playback or ...
  7. AWWWWWWW :D .. SAMSUNG SUCKS .. it isnt releasing any official upgrade & is not allowing us to download unofficial version either :( :)
  8. Samsung Mobile Firmware Downloader is not working for me .. anyone facing the same problem ??
  9. i have the same issue .. coz of this thing i m missing most of my calls :P :D :P any solution , i m using wm 6.5
  10. its coz u tweaked ur audio settings . i m 100% sure .. coz i had the same problem with my omnia when i tweaked its sound settings
  11. hey guys i came across this awesome thread which promises multi touch for WM devices ie resistive touch screens http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=655830 i tried that app on my omnia its kinda working fine .. i hope some developer could develop some kinda awesome app with the SDK's provided , i m missing pinch to zoom feature on my omnia .. :P TRY USELF :P :D
  12. Well thanx for the reply... i m not frustrated , yes i m lil impatient and if my attitude is pissing u off .. BRO ITS NOT MY PROBLEM , its the way i m . I m not an expert either therefore i posted my request twice in ur thread seekin for some help . you are callin me a jerk & then ur telling me that u respect all people u come across AWESOME !!! of-course u overlooked my request . Y do u think i m disrespecting u , i just wanted u to answer a few questions . BRO ASK UR SELF WHO IS FRUSTRATED :D
  13. instead of opening a fresh thread abt everything u should try to search it in forum .. coz there is a thread abt it. FYI here is a solution Turn Off Keyboard from Automatically Popping Up HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Sip>: Create or change DWORD > TurnOffAutoDeploy from 0 to 1 Credits - tacchan23 FROM NEXT TIME USE SEARCH BUTTON ON TOP !!
  14. hey bro .. i m damn sure its a great rom .. but i have a few questions for u to answer .. but do u really care to answer ?? i posted it abt 2 times .. but u kinda overlooked or didnt cared to answer ... i hope u would answer me this time
  15. hey daskalos bro congrats for ur new rom , i just have few questions : 1 . ur telling that this is a full rom then howcome its smaller in size ?? i.e 220mb wiz a wiz original rom thats around 300-350 mb (win 6.5) 2 . u havent removed anything ?? 3. audio effects in the samsung default media player are working fine ?? 4 . in general is it a fast rom ?? ( coz i flashed original rom like 2 days ago , is it worth formatting my phone again ??) 5. Is this rom is better then 6.5 ROM build 21903??
  16. R U SURE DASKALOS .. coz this prob is killin me .. i just flashed with official jc2 rom but i m willin to flash it again if this problem is solved !!!!!!!! hey what abt ur modified Jc2 ROM ??
  17. thats soooooo true SAMSUNG HAS WORST AFTER SALES SERVICE !!!! i had a problem with the phone & i started this thread http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...d-card-problem/ and i contacted samsung several times but they did nothing coz it wasnt a hardware fault . It was faulty OS , but guess what they didnt had any upgrade of the OS . All they offered me was to change the motherboard of the phone ,my phone was just 1 month old then and I was like WTF !!! then i saw daskalos rom & flashed it on my phone and guess what MY PROBLEM WAS GONE ..
  18. i have been using it for abt a week now ... its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! better screen response, snappier but i guess it suffers from auto closing bug .. any one experiencing the same prob?? I GUESS ITS COZ OF RAM PROB .. i have only 20 mb or usable ram :huh: dunno where has my ram gone ???????:P
  19. Awesome rom .. but guys is there anyway to disable touchwiz on this rom ??
  20. how to flash this rom on my phone .. is it similar like flashing a phone with .nbo file.. do i have to use OCTANS_Mini .. can some one plzz explain the procedure , there are following files in the package 1. SS_DL.dll 2. Phone_B7610XXJC1.bin 3. PDA_B7610NXXJC2_HW_70.MST 4. Eboot_B7610NXXJC2_HW_70.eb0 5. B7610NXEEJC2.csc which files should i use, i know flashing phone with .CSC file is risky .. um some some one please explain the procedure
  21. Well i said u have to..................."""BACK UP"""................& then FLASH A NEW ROM ......
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