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  1. well even if they accept it, they wont do anything ..... & u have to back up & flash a new os just once not ALL THE TIME ;) .Its quite easy i guess not TEDIOUS
  2. but what version of tcpmp version r you using Bro .............???
  3. Well u dont have to wait for so long ,just flash ur phone with http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...-5-build-21895/ all credits go to daskalos , chose full or megalite according to your choice ...... i m using full version i had flash it some 7-10 days a go and havent seen any probs since then
  4. are you 100% sure its b7610 made by Samsung coz china is known for making clones of popular phones .. may be its one of those .
  5. yes older one's r fine ,but the newer files are not
  6. hey guys wazz up .. its me again ;) .I am searching for a .flv/flash file player for my omnia pro , since last 6-7 days i have tired loads of player ranging from TCPMP_netDrg_v2 for wvga to tcpmp 8.1 ,core player , TCPMP & Master Codec Pack 5 , tcpmp phenom edition 3. i had even searched source forge for latest flv plugins for tcpmp .. but no luck . TCPMP can play few .flv files but not all .. there is no error but its doesnt respond. Problem with core player is that i could hear the song but video is too laggy .... it keeps on freezing ;) i need a solution guys !!!!! I KNOW MODACO IS THE BEST SO......
  7. cant install Sense - 2.5 on my storage or storage card ... every time i get the same error freeza inc. manila2.5 for 6.1 cannot be installed . to try installing again to a different location ,choose a location :
  8. hey guys this forum is awesome, its helping me a lot with my b7610. Now i have a question to ask WHICH IS THE BEST GPS SOFTWARE ? currently i am using google maps but it always require a Data connection and its costing me a lot. so any recommendations for me , I m from INDIA . May be you guys could share ur experiences with me . :P
  9. No service centre cant solve this porblem ,coz i took my phone to service centre 2-3 times. First time they told me the software is buggy ,so they updated but the problem wasnt solved , I visited them again with the same problem there i talked to a senior customer care manager & head engineer they told me that maximum they can do is that they could change the motherboard of the phone .. I was like WTF DUDE , i bought it 2 months ago ....
  10. ok ok .. i m sorry laurenze88 bro .. i shouldnt have said that .. i m editing my previous post . Thanx for ur reply FloydPink , but where could i find samsung Apps .. LIKE Touch Player ,calendar and other samsung goodies ??any idea
  11. laurenze88 bro .. i salute u for ur hard work & mind it i m not undermining ur hard work .. but ur rom is kinda stripped version .. i cant use samsung widget plus .. no media player nothing .. i kinda need UNTOUCHED ROM may be a XXIL2 6.5 rom but other then daskalos's .
  12. this rom is older then pda b7610DDIJ3 ????????
  13. hey guys currently i am using daskalos wm6.5 untouched rom , but guys i m missing my 6.1 rom (pda b7610DDIJ3) i need latest english wm 6.1 rom can some one help me with this .. PLZZZZZZZZZ i was having loads of issues with pda b7610DDIJ3 rom therefore i need a rom which is latest then J3 ROM .. i need a ROM DUMP :P HELP MEEE!!! i came across this post http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...nal-indian-rom/ but this is a J3 rom ..:( i tried using mega lite roms by daskalos and laurenze88 but it didnt worked for me .. it didnt had samsung apps i love .. so i need UNTOUCHED ROM may be a XXIL2 6.5 rom but other then daskalos's
  14. hey bro .. i guess there is only one solution to this prob .. and that is JUST FLASH A NEW ROM .. its not a difficult task choose any of daskalos roms ( COZ HIS ROMS R AWESOME !!!!!) . just try doin that and get rid of this Fuc*ing problem
  15. yes i know bro .. but is there any soultion to the annoying problem ?? i had gone through 100s of threads .. but NO SOULTION
  16. i m still hoping that some one would reply ...........................
  17. hi guys this tweak worked on wm6.1 .. but now i m using wm6.5 and when i tried tweaking it my phone went mute , now i cant listen any sound except the ringtone.. ?? any ideas ??
  18. so i guess there is no solution to this annoying problem ..........
  19. ur widget manager is working fine .. but dunno y , mine isnt. All i could c is this screen when i try to open widget manager.its kinda blank
  20. LOL :) .. hey it miraculously started working again .. DUNNO .. ;) THANX ANYWAYS FOR UR PROMPT REPLIES .. BRO !!
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