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  1. yes Santoo Bro .. its a sandisk class 2 memory card ....... hey i didnt got it from ebay & stuff.. its 100% original .. coz i have a bill.if this ever happened again .. i m going to replace the card :D ... but i still doubt that the card is faulty .
  2. may be its a card problem ... but y r most of the users using b7610 are facing such problems ?? any answer or u think sandisk (in my case ) is making faulty memory cards ....
  3. Hey guys .. i had this awful problem on my b7610. My storage card got wiped out .. dunno y .. just out of the blues .. everything got deleted ..all i could see was few unreadable large files that were abt 700 mb & 120mb... with some weird names ( actually symbols) This has happened to me once .. but this sucker deleted all 16 gb of storage :( :D B) :lol: :lol: :D :D i saw this thread too http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...in-memory-card/ but this thread doesnt gave any definate solution .. :D B) IS THERE SOME PATCH OR SOMETHING .. i m using original windows mobile 6.1 rom
  4. ok .. but i not sure if its gonna work .. here are the list of applications i installed to made it work install all the cab files .. replace the .DLL files in windows folder .. & Soft reset .. then replace the .exe file in program files ... do a soft reset again .try it .. if its gonna work . DONT WORRY THESE R SAMSUNG & ATI 3D DRIVERS Diamond_Hologram_MD3DM.exe Driver.cab Drives.cab Hologram_v2.02.CAB v.1.cab
  5. YE i think ur right the PRO cab causes more problems....its better to use STD instead
  6. hey bro.. its not that i dont wanna post the drivers ... but hologram is not working fine on my phone .... some times it works after a 1-2 soft reset ... sometimes it doesnt ....:)
  7. anyone ....anyone..................anyone.............................................. anyone.... NO ONE !!!!!!!!!!
  8. hey guys i came across this awesome app .. it called caxixi ... but it doesnt work with omnia b7610 .. is there any compatible version of caxixi for B7610 ps- thats the version i installed http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...and-g-soundbox/ DUNNO SOME HOW ITS WORKING NOW ..:)
  9. YES.. its gonna work for sure ... i m using N 95 cable without any problems
  10. howzz it ..... have a look guys .. but u know what .. it looks more stunning on youtube then on ur phone ... TRUST ME!!! I M GONNA UPLOAD THE DRIVERS LATER ON ... CYA
  12. Yea man its workin for me .... LOADS OF DRIVERS NEEDED but at last I MADE IT WORK
  13. n 95 cable works fine .... i could hear audio & see video on my TV ... its AWESOMEEEEE
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