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  1. NO i dont think charger is the cause of the problem .. coz sometimes my phone charges normally through wall charger but most of the times it displays the msg BATTERY FULL PLEASE REMOVE THE CHARGER .Any suggestions ?? i have done a SOC (state of charge) RESET .. then i have flashed a new rom , but the problem is still there . :) AND NO IT IS NOT CHARGIN WHILE TURNED OFF :)

  2. hey guys .. this weird problem has developed with my b7610 pro, when i connect my phone to wall charger within 1-2 mins it would show 100% battery and when i remove the charger from the phone , it would come to the normal levels say 15% .Phone would charge normally while turned off or through usb . I am really annoyed with this problem . i have done a hard reset but it hadnt solved my problem :) . I m using daskalos GA rom V3 since last 2-3 months and I never had any problems with phone .. just recently it had cropped up ( since last week) ..

    any suggestion guys ????? it sucks :)

  3. After spending so much of your time learning how to cook a B7610 ROM and releasing a ROM, you just ditched it for an Android device...

    There are many reasons why Android is better than Winmo or Galaxy S is better than B7610,

    But the thing is, the B7610 community needs a push rather than a drag down...

    It seems disappointing that you worked hard to learn how to cook a ROM, released a ROM that seems great and proclaim to cook another one that you're boasting maybe the possible best ROM in town...then you just throw it all because another device/OS gave you the conveniences you want...

    How about those people who are hoping for your new ROM, who are hoping that with the help of us chefs, our ROMs can make there device better... People who still believes in B7610 and WinMo...

    For all blows B7610 and WinMo are taking, there are only a few people here that is doing their best to possibly, and positively, trying to make the device better, not only for themselves but for others too. Well at least you became one of those few people, thank you very much for your time and contributions...

    Hope that there are still others there that still believe in B7610, though I do have an Android device now,and I still keep my B7610, and will still to make ROMs until the device is alive and of course, until others believe in it too:rolleyes:

    YES i also think so . Daskalos bro you are 100% correct .. there r few members in forum who likes criticizing B7610 PRO ..i think ur roms & other softwares makes it much better & user friendly .... I M GOIN TO STICK WITH IT , NO MATTERS WHAT OTHER GUYS SAYS

  4. i was just curious to know - How much times does it takes for ur phone to get a GPS fix i.e. how much times does ur phone takes to locate u with GPS ??

    is there any ways to make it faster . i m using garmin mobiles xt software with samsung XTRA server enabled but still i get a gps fix in 8-10 mins .. way too long .Any tweaks or something to make it little faster

    P.S.- i tried this trick (http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-http-omnia-modaco-com/275659/permanent-gps-fix-for-samsung-i900-i8000-omnia/) found in this forum , but it was useless . I had to hard reset the phone :D

  5. demon bro .. ur comparing b7610 (which is an year and a half old ) with galaxy s & iphone 4 .. well come on . We didnt had galaxy S & iphone 4 an yr a go. I think ur comparision is not at all fair .

    Just imagine ur goin to buy an iphone now .. & u'd say WOW WHAT COOL GRAPHICS .. WOW WHAT A GREAT DISPLAY .. after a year , u will compare it with Iphone 5 or Iphone 6 .. then u will post THIS IS THE CRAPPIEST PHONE EVER .:D

    NO OFFENCES!! u said ur self Iphone have antenna issue ... whats the use of the phone if it cant make a CALL :D BUT WOO HOOO ITS SOOOOOOO SNAZZYYYYYY ;)


  6. agreed Galaxy S is an awesome device .. but ur callin omnia pro "big,fat,heavy,performance-less thing samsung calls a smartphone"


    who told u .. there isnt a lag in android phones . JUST USE GOOGLE .. or should i do that for u

    did any one forced u buy this phone .. NO :D ... u had bought it by ur oWn wish & by lookin at it with ur "OWN" eye , u didnt considered the weight or size of the device then .. now ur cursing the device , WELL !!!!!

  7. Thumbs up to Modaco

    hey guys i m using my b7610 from last 7 months now & i m loving the phone , i have been searching for a software which will auto power up my phone & auto power off my phone . As it would help me to save some battery power . is it possible ??


    I think its possible . I came across this question on the site of JAMM read this


    "Question of the Day: Do you turn your cell phone off?

    My Touch Pro awakens itself at 6 am and turns itself in for bed at 8 pm, thanks to a few little scripts. With a little one in the house, paired along with the fact that I don’t like to talk to anyone on the phone after a certain time of the day, it seems logical to have the phone turn off. It saves battery capacity for something more meaningful.

    When, or does, your phone go completely off? Hit the comments and share your thoughts with us!"

  8. exactly - and here a word of warning: since it's server based, it allows the server-guys (uzard in this case; in other cases skyfire or google, or... ) to create (and later sell) complete profiles of your browsing habits. not only that, but since all the traffic is routed through their servers, it (theoretically) also allows them to log all sites & content you visit (including what data you enter into fields, what you write in web-based mails, your passwords..., excluding *only* ssl or similar).

    so while I say thanks to passion_streak for the link (and it is indeed quite fast & handy), I'd think a moment about which sites I will be using it for :( </paranoia>

    i guess ur right santoo bro .. using passwords on this kinda browser is a risky business .. every one should avoid it , but other then that i dont see any harm in using it .. coz while ur using net on ur pc .. ur ISP can keep a track of u & the same is the case with mobile ISP . they could also keep a track of u .. So i guess u cant hide urself on net :( :o

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