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  1. Any improvements to speed of UI? UI was very slow for me, when i tested your rom. Anyway awesome job guys!
  2. I asked thepasto and he said he dont have time for ics. And I think also. suxsem dont have time, so its all up to you guys.
  3. Could you post your port? I would like to test it.
  4. I found this: http://android-ll.blogspot.com/2011/12/notizie-da-thepasto-o-suxsem.html Could someone translate it to english? What it says about CM9?
  5. Does this work in every browser, or just in stock? I am using boat browser.
  6. ICS has even ported to G1 (first Android phone), so it should be posible to run in Liquid.
  7. We haven't even got official Gingerbread...
  8. I think we should wait ICS source code/CM9 before any ports. Sources should be available in few weeks. SDK ports will not ever be very good, so just patience guys.
  9. I have also few problems with root. I can not get Root Explorer working. It just says that you dont have root acces. Other programs I have tested have worked well. Also checked from recovery and it says that I have rooted. Also ES filemanager root explorer function doesnt work, so there might be some root problems in Liquid Next 1.9.
  10. On Liquid and other phones out now it will be impossible I think, but check this: http://miuiandroid.com/2011/08/mi-one-features-dual-recovery-anti-brick/ Official MIUI phone (MI-ONE) will have dualboot recovery. But in Liquid you can have "dualboot" with making backup of MIUI and Cyanogen in Nandroid. Then just restore for example MIUI if you want to use it.
  11. Camoon man. I have allways know that v6 script is made by you. And I heard about it many days before it was included to liquid next. Android is all about openness, so dont be so selfish. This your fight sounds like little kids having fight of candy or something. Edit: My thoughts part 2: I thought you was good developer, who made this pretty good script, but when you started this fight, that all respect disappear. This fight just show what kind of person you are. And I think this topic is not right place to fight, so should we start new topic called "ridiculous fight of v6 script" ?
  12. Youtube is very important for me, so I hope we get fix soon. I dont care about metal camera, Camera 360 Ultimate is just fine (better). Old codecs back! :)
  13. Sorry, but do we need web site for liquid next rom? I think this modaco forum and facebook page is just enough. But good work guys!
  14. +1 Off topic: this new Modaco style is just awful! It is too complicated. Old one looked much more simpler and better.
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