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  1. Good analogy, but you forgot one... 6.1 <=> Windows XP 6.5 <=> Windows Vista 6.5.x <=> Windows 7 Series 7 <=> iPhone
  2. I don't mean to be rude, but please stop with the "waiting" post.
  3. I wish I could B) I would also like to have a back up of every part of the ROM but I have no idea how to do it myself. I was able to get the PDA using Sorg and RFD's tools specifically made for extracting the PDA section. If anyone could upload the other bits I would greatly appreciate it :)
  4. The only thing that puts me off about this menu is the "view more" button. I'd rather it all show right away.
  5. Here's the much requested original Bell i8000L ROM. This is the I8000LUGIJ6 PDA. There's nothing special about this ROM, nor do I recommend it to anyone. This ROM is simply posted for i8000L users so they can flash without having to worry about not being able to revert back to the original rom :) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UPQMT73Y Special thanks to Sorg for his rom dump tool, and RFD for his program to convert the .bin to a flashable .nb0
  6. Count me in the list too. I have the 16GB i8000L and tried everything from USB mass storage to reflashing another ROM to get the "My Storage" back with no luck.
  7. I'm wondering this myself. I have the rom and i'm ready to flash, but I don't know if it's going to mess up my i8000L. My research tells me that just flashing the PDA means flashing any rom is safe, so I'm assuming this is no different. Can anyone confirm? Thanks
  8. Wow that's an interesting looking UI, very snappy. Not exactly sure what's going on in the first video though. It's compairing the same UI, but one is somehow faster? Searching for info on this UI seems to be useless, must be a work in progress GUI. Can't wait to get more information/trying it out myself. I'm using a raw version of PointUI right now. I used to use SPB Mobile Shell, but found it too heavy and sometimes sluggish. I'd love to try out a nice new light GUI. Thanks for sharing the videos you found, hopefully we can dig up some more info about this UI soon.
  9. Hey there! This is a little off topic but I was wondering what rom you're using now? I've read your I8000L thread and I'm about to flash my first rom today (decided on RFD's ultra lite L5). Did you have any problems flashing? I plan to only flash PDA and leave CSC alone, is that what you've done? How many roms have you tried so far, and which is your favorite? Do I need to uninastall my apps/SPB shell before I do it? Thanks :) And thanks to monyozt for the .cab link! I tried to download but the server is too busy right now. Looking forward to trying it, I really wanted a decent YouTube app.
  10. Is the PS1 emulator even fun to play on it? There's no multi-touch so I can't see how it can be remotely enjoyable to try and control. I hope I'm wrong though!
  11. I had no idea the screen was so bad. I slapped a iSheildz screen protector on my phone before I ever used it, so I have no idea what the bare screen is actually like. But I can tell you that having a screen protector like the iSheildz (which I'm pretty sure is just a knock off of invisible shield) works amazing... no smudges, hardly any glare, and no sign of scratches on the protector (and from what I've read, it will cover the small scratches you already have). My only minor issue is that the protector feels grippy for when I make sliding gestures.
  12. The main thing that pushed me towards getting this phone is the storage capacity for music (currently 32GB total and soon able to have 48GB when 32GB cards come out). My Zune 80 died, but I didn't want to get another MP3 player when I could get an all-in-one. So on to my point, I've been wondering about what the best player for the Omnia II would be... So far my favorite is Kinoma, which I had to shell out $30 for. It works great, but I'd like to know if there are any lighter players that work just as well. Another I've tried is the S2P player. It works great, and best of all... it's free. But my main issue was that I could only set one folder as the music directory (I have the 16GB card full, and using 8GB of the phones internal). Also, the menu seemed kind of jerky and go it's own way when I let go of the screen. As for the included Touch Player, I gave up on it as soon as I laid eyes on it. The menu was too slow to scroll through, and what irritates me the most is how the menu doesn't go from "Artist --> Album --> Song". It's just straight from "Artist --> Songs" Perhaps we should start a list of all the players out there and rate them with pros/cons =) Edit: I just have to give you a quick thanks for letting me know about this player! I'll defiantly be giving it a trial run.
  13. Does having more black areas on the screen cause the battery to last longer? I'm not a pro when it comes to AMOLED tech, but it seems like any black pixels on the screen are basically "off". I guess due to the lack of a backlight being necessary. So if I was viewing an image file that is 100% black, is the phone taking up the same amount of power as if I had the phone in lock mode?
  14. Stumbled on the S2P player. Working great so far :) Is this the best one out there?
  15. Yeah I get the same thing. The only method I know of to get widgets/apps is by the Marketplace (very limited selection) or looking up the widget/app online and downloading the .cab file to copy onto your phone.
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