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  1. it works absolutely great .. and really fast .. HUGE thanks devs :-) however I've noticed 2 issues .. 1. the device doesn't recognise headset (I think people have referred to that before) 2. I've installed 2 keyboards and enabled them in settings .. but I just cant change to them .. whenever I try to change them and press (input method) nothing happens .. thanks again :-)
  2. Hi there :-) I don't seem to be able to apply any update (frb3update.tar.gz/frb3update.sh) .. besides I can't find mystorage partition in /storage directory .. I've installed Android on Sdcard .. used the beta 3 automatic installer .. and havn't touched the startup.txt file at all .. (mystorage has only one partition "sdb1") any solution please ?? EDIT : I've successfully installed the tar.gz files via ubuntu (sudo tar...) .. but tried to type the command lines in the .sh file using the terminal emulater within android with no success (it isn't typing the number 2)
  3. I have used the automatic installer to install beta3 on my SD card (4 GB - class4) .. it did install it and everything is working just fine, except for that it doesn't see the (My storage) partition (in /storage path) .. therefore it doesn't update the Android with when I put the update packages (frb2update.tar.gz) in my storage and start Haret .. any idea why ??
  4. it is the proximity sensor job .. :-) (the light sensor adjusts the backlight according to the surrounding light) and I have those 2 small cabs downloaded somewhere from this forum ... I just don't know where .. so here they are :-) I8000_Enable_Proximity_Sensor.cab I8000_Disable_Proximity_Sensor.cab
  5. well .. seems that WinMo is just fine to me .. until solved .. so long Android :( :huh: ..
  6. after checking I have found that the auto installer is creating an ext2 partition (not ext4) and then untaring the files to it .. I have created the ext4 partition manually .. and then untared the files to it using ubuntu .. now its sticking at (int: /int.rc: 280: user options require a user id) .. :) :) and now what ???
  7. have tried fresh install more than one time .. tried different 2D/3D drivers (and renamed them to o2b3.....) .. fully formated the SD card from the mobile a couple of times (and once from the computer) .. tried re-copying files to my storage ... still having the same damn problem .. "request_suspend_state:wakeup (0->0) blah blah blah" over and over again ... what's the solution ??
  8. +1 Same here .. just request_suspend_state wakeup issue :) :)
  9. Guys it is true that its showing time without signal 50% .. but just look at the timer .. its just double the real time of the device being awake (weird huh ??) .. so technically time without signal is almost 0% ..
  10. I found out that if you set the time zone in WinMo as GMT it will fix the problem of time difference in Android :-) EDIT : forgot to mention .. 3G works great on Both MTN & Syriatel - Syria :-)
  11. both WiFi and Vibrator work Great using the new update !! and it wakes up right away whenever you press the power button (at least up to now) , time issue fix needs (time) to confirm working or not but for now it seems working just fine ! EDIT : WiFi signal is also working .. Confirmed .. I'm using only 2D/3D drivers which were somewhere at the begining of the thread .. EDIT 2 : WiFi signal is stuck at (Fair) even when its very low or very good (right next to the router) ..
  12. Thanks for updating .. but after looking at the results the older libs performance was better , how come !?!?
  13. can you please re-benchmark your device using the new drivers and post the new results (if you applied them on your device of course)
  14. are you totally sure that to perform a Hardrest you need this hidden partition ?? because at first when I got my device it didn't have one .. and I used to hardreset problem-free !! I do have it now (as rapid81 referred , by flashing *.mst file to device) .. but I still beleive that we can perform hardrest without it problem-free .. because if hardrest depends on it ,then you will be back to the official Rom that was first installed on your device when you bought it (which doesn't happen when you hardreset) ..
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