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  1. Hi! It is possible to somehow update the market? it wont't update for me, and i can't install a newer version. (cm beta 2)
  2. For me, I disabled all data connections, and it still drains fast, well, it can survive a half day with normal use. (I have a new battery)
  3. @voyteckst I'd like to report two bugs. The first one is when i uninstall something, it goes back to the list and stuck at "loading..." but if i press back and i go back there its ok. The second one is related to Opera Mobile, if i start it, header and white page appears, but nothing more, and messes up the lock screen too.
  4. Yes, but do you know why? What windows version are you using? I know it has nothing to do with android, but maybe there is some hardware state that windows sets which android doesn't like, or i don't know :)
  5. About the battery consumption, anyone noticed that the CPU is on 100% according to "mini info" and "Android System Info", but i can't find the app which causing it. For me the battery drained about 26% (total 74% now) in 2 hours and 44 minutes.
  6. @Devs The camera after the update doesn't work at all, at least it worked once before the update. Can I help somehow to debug it?
  7. Something is still wrong with the camera, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, and of course if it crashes it fixes the screen orientation to landscape, and have to restart. How can i help debugging what is the problem with it?
  8. @Devs I've just bought a a sandisk 16gb microsd card, and after the installation, before the fat32 partition there is about 3.9gb unpartitioned part. its a bit strange :) i tried to resize the fat32 partition, but it damaged, so i had to reset everything.
  9. @Devs Its still draining a bit fast for me, and i don't know why... fresh install, about 4 hours since i removed from the charged, and its on 64% now. I used my phone since for 3 phone calls each lasted about 2-3 minutes, and i surfed the web about 10 minutes, and wifi turned off. is it normal? or my battery is going to die? :)
  10. xcavs

    Hi there, is your i8000 android camera work yet?? I hv same problems with you my camera doesnt work, calibrator too.. since beta2 my camera never work..

  11. It's still a bit slow on sd card, any ideas why? I have a kingston 8gb class 4 card. The camera still doesnt work for me, after restart, it works once, but if i try to start it again, it crashes. And the calibrator doesnt work either. Anyway, other than these problems, everything looks fine, great job ;)
  12. hmm... maybe then hardware related problem? the sound sometimes goes away in windows too though, but not when i adjust the volume and it is never louder.
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