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  1. Hi everyone, long time since I been on here. I need to start using Android OS but I'm super confused with the installation. Most are in spanish or broken English and I get lost so easily. I need the following features to work: GPS Data Headphone Jack Google Play. I have 16 gig omnia ii with 8 gig sd card 10 class I remember when we used to just copy and paste files onto the SD card and run Haret and then it boots in Android. I don't understand why I have to install ubuntu to get it rolling. I'm pretty tech savvy so any help in the right direction would be awesome.
  2. thebass

    Official audio/voice recorder

    If the attached file isn't what you're looking for, search for Resco Audio Recorder. It records in WAV and you can easily import it to your computer for speech to text. i8000nxxje1_audionote.cab
  3. how do you download this file if you have no wifi and no proper apn settings?
  4. WOW absolutely no issues with this rom "Rapid_JI1_29017.nb0" flashed with "I8000PROJJ1.csc" for Bell Mobility. I still have the old stock PDA section and not sure if I should update it. and I'm not even sure where to find the latest CSC file. I'm very happy with it, everything is perfect. White text on black background with buttons showing, no extra crap installed, over 76 mb free ram with Vito-SMS, Swype (which works with no lag), Only Date, Messaging, Tasks and Calendar are on home screen. The bottom right task manager is a great addition, I don't have to waste a button to map to task manager. the picture viewer is perfect with the zoom features. The fonts come with perfect sizing, All my programs work fine. I can't be any happier. After reading through some posts, people are having issues with the dialer. Personally have not seen these issues but my Sashimi installation (auto installer for cabs, regs, settings etc.) automatically installed the Samsung dialer "i8000nxxjh2_phonebook.cab" for me so I didn't get to experience the one with the rom. A few things I did to tweak this rom. I upgraded to 5 Rows due to having so many programs. I mapped the cube button to Vito-SMS. changed wallpaper. I will change the lockscreen too because I don't like the slider at the top of the screen. Anyone have a quick fix to place it at the bottom or a very solid lockscreen suggestion to replace it? Thanks RAPID!!! I'm glad I got my phone working optimum again. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!
  5. Very nice looking skin, simplistic. I really like it. So to get this straight instead of installing "MS Team Lite 28245.nb0" I should wait for the latest update with the latest skin for the lite/ultra lite? Or which one can I find this one in?
  6. When you calibrate the phone, you need to offset your screen taps otherwise the calibration will not fix it for you if you have damage around your letter "p." For example when you see the " + " to tap, instead of tapping dead on center, tap a little to the left (where you see the asterisks): " * + " This way every time you press the letter "o" it will press the letter "p" you have to practice getting it right because you obviously still need to press "o" so basically the letter "o" will be divided into two letters. I also suggest using a bigger keyboard such as the samsung default one holding down the Xt9 button to select 20 keys, or using SWYPE which will predict your words since it's designed to pick up sloppy swypes. Hopefully this will be a good temporary solution for you. I used this when I had another touch phone that was dieing out.
  7. I haven tried but maybe this program would allow you to remap the keys: http://www.scilor.com/leocameraanykey.html It doesn't show support for Omnia II but not many people have your issue so maybe it just hasn't been tested out. Let us know if it works for you. You could always talk to the programmer and see if he can modify to make it work.
  8. I found this solution, if you have wireless network card on your computer or laptop you can turn it into a wifi hot spot for your android phone to connect to it and use it to connect to the internet. http://www.brighthub.com/computing/windows...icles/7785.aspx
  9. hey good work here! Green is better than orange but blue is better than green for me :( haha personal prefence i guess. Why not invert the white and black to take advantage of our amoled screens?
  10. Have you figured out any other solution to reverse tethering? Sometimes WinMo works a lot easier eh :(
  11. I was also having this issue, it worked the 2nd boot and then after it didn't work and then I tried again today and it found the network.
  12. Thanks for your response! This will work for gaining access through your Mobile providers data but, is there any apps to use your PC connection other than WIFI? For example when you plug WinMo into USB, activesync shares the PC connection the mobile device to avoid data charges. Any such thing with Android? or is this only a one way street when it comes to tethering?
  13. Forgive me if this question has already been asked but was wondering if tethering was possible as well as using the pc's internet connection to download apps etc. I'm not too sure why the forum won't let you search this section but I definitely don't want to look through 4,000 Replies to find my answer lol Board Message Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. The error returned was: You did not choose any forums to search in, or the forums you chose to search in are password protected. If this is the case, please make sure you are logged into the password protected forums before searching. I tried clicking the search at top right and then manually selecting the forum. I also tried using the search box at the bottom left corner. Both give same error. When I search anything outside of the Android section the search works. So considering this is a new section can maybe the Admin's check to confirm why it won't allow a search? Thanks!
  14. Im a noob here and not sure if it's my problem but I am also getting a blank screen before the Android Logo flashes. I managed to install the 512mb beta and then once i tested to see if that was running i placed the 3d drivers (o2bupdate.tar.gz) in my storage and then rebooted, I'm not even sure if it unpacked it but it booted up and then the file disappeared when i checked my storage (hopefully this means it installed). I downloaded the update (update_20110303.zip) and replaced zImage, placed o2b2update.sh, o2b2update.tar.gz into my storage and ran haret.exe from root then freeze. poke reset button (behind cover), reboot back to WinMo and then retry haret.exe and still no Android logo. to be precise when linux is doing it's thing the screen goes dimmer and then after "17.082606" the screen just goes pure black and no response. Why is the phone passing out? I paid a little attention to the boot log and it said "User id not setup" around the "4." does this have to do with anything? I haven't setup the gmail account cause I don't have wifi here and no data enabled on my account. If someone made a 512mb version this would help out a bit so we don't have to go through extra steps and mess up along the way and have no clue whether its the new update or our poor attempts to make 512 work. How are you guys getting this to work on 512 only? [EDIT] So I did skip a few steps, I installed two updates "o2droid.zip" then "o2bupdate.zip" and then reinstalled the latest update "update_20110303.zip" and everything works except it's not registering to my network. When I Search Networks it only comes up on Rogers and mine is Bell. Going to reboot and see what happens. This should hopefully help the people that are trying to get this to work. Considering I'm using 512, the reason why the 1Gigger's can't get it to work could be because they have not fully cleaned their last installation and applied the no sleep updates.
  15. I only have a 1 Gig SD CARD and the setup says my SD card is not big enough. If I download the 512mb partition will this be the most updated if i replace zimage etc.?

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