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  1. I did that but it doesnt work. I'm not only one with that problem (see page 19). Under second MMS options, servers, where you input setting for mms server, under connect via it is EMPTY! i think there sould be wap or something
  2. Still waiting for mms fix or any solution for it. Krazy Radd????
  3. I tryed but under Conect via I don't have anything. What now?
  4. Has anybody had problems with mms? My omnia won't download it. Even if I press download nothing happens. What shoud I set up or how to fix that?
  5. I use Manila2D V2 Sense Gloss Black, it's realy good rom for me. I have problem with internet. I connect via wifi, routher sets me ip, I see that. My signal is very good, I'm 1m from routher. When I open Opera or IE it doesn't conect. Weather updates perfect. I tryed to reset my settings, putting them back again, soft reseting. Any ideas? Sorry for bad English
  6. nikkodonatte thank for your anwser, but that is not what I ment. I know for that buttons, but in that menu I can't change it to just vibrate or be silent like in sound profiles (like on picture)
  7. This rom is great! But I still need help. Help me to set softkey wich would open sound profiles. Is it possible? Going to settings, then sounds, to change it to only vibrate tooks a long time. In JN foudation roms you just touch speaker icon and change profile, but in this rom it only opens notifications.
  8. Thanks for link! Running to update
  9. Still waiting for best rom?
  10. Krazy Radd you are the best! We were wainting for new roms, please hurry, these pictures look amazing

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