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  1. Downloading a baked rom from online kitchen atm. Looks like 16.1 kb/sec ? from what is normally a good connection in sweden. not complaining. just for info.
  2. looking good here. except my phone dialer seems to be in russian !!
  3. nexus one car dock anyone having issues with the new car dock and this (excellent) ROM ? i get no extra sound enhancement when docked. is it just a symptom of the known bluetooth issues ? (or is the dock just sh*t. ?)
  4. All I can say is WOW !! Very impressed. 'upgraded' from kitchen baked cm (with a wipe) on t-mobile US. no issues. unfortunately, the first day I have a bluetooth demand, after buying a car kit, it is unstable as the release notes say. There are some lovely HTC widgets & apps.
  5. short quick thanks to Paul. looks great so far. very impressive piece of engineering. one question. Titanium backup is saying it isn't root. is this not default as root ? how can i check ?
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