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  1. SE for me, should have a full HD screen. This smacks of Appleism!
  2. solved: Paid up for the RomManager app .. touch recovery looks sweet!
  3. Hi Paul, kmow you must be busy .. do you have plans to update this to the 2.xx build that is being offered OTA?
  4. Hi Paul, all working well here after flashing this over an Orange UK rom .. just wondering if you plan to release any further updates in light of the release of 4.0.4 and sense 4.1 for this beautiful HTC? Edit: just read through thoroughly! (note to self - do that first in future!) I didn't separately flash the boot image, I checked in the bootloader and I have s-on.. So I presume I should flash it by extracting it from the rom zip and using adb in the usual way!?
  5. Working in W1 recently with my son Both our Nexus were swiped from the second floor boardroom of an office in Gresse St. London W1 PlanB & android lost did nothing to get a location .. just a heads up to all you peeps - keep it about yourself!! If anyone should happen to be offered two, both locked to 3UK (one with a belkin clear shell) I can provide IMEI numbers for a covert check, and will have the police on the scene in a jiffy! (I can only hope)
  6. @Paul .. I have successfully messed about with a different circle mod, merging it into, and flashing my system.ui .. just one question, to offer it up for anyone with the variety of excellent Soft-key mods that you offer - does it work by replicating your Mods folder hierarchy replacing your battery pngs with a different set? If so, does it merge the changes on a subsequent boot-up? or is there another process I should get my head round!? (oops that's 3 questions!) Many thanks :D My preferred battery, the basic UOT in JB Blue!
  7. @Paul ..just loving JR4, but wanted to have a go at some alternate circle mods on my device only for now .. where are those pesky battery icons hiding? :ph34r: Target acquired .. found the Mods folder :D
  8. And a third here, doesn't work in any application used to select or crop images!
  9. For those that like a bit more variety .. this themed mms app works great on jr1 / jr2 Take a look there are several varieties - all good!
  10. Hi, no problem This is with auto brightness and using Franko Kernel application to set the following : Cpu: min 384, max 1305, interactive. Max screen off: 384. No power modes set! Colour multipliers r:112, g:142, b:200 Trinity's contrast : -18 Omap4 Gamma : 1.2 All other settings and toggles are left as default. I find this gives good battery life, deep clear colours! Might be a bit dark for some, it will depend on your screen. I always use the 512gpu version of franko's. Have fun! :-D
  11. Franko Kernel jb-217 is playing nicely with this jr2 One happy Nexus
  12. Wiped dalvik from Jr1.. Absolutely sweet, no problems at all - thanks Paul.
  13. I had these on an early ICS build of Paul's .. could not delete them in any way - except a full wipe of the device and flashing a stock image from Google! Perhaps Paul could help give him a PM!
  14. Hi Paul Great work, nice to see the addition of the CM dialer. When might we see a circle mod? Many thanks
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