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  1. I am now using this full ROM. And i think it's the best so far for me. But ringdelay is still there (it's little better), and application are still autoclosing. With Autoclose patch 1.1 it's better too. And i like used task manager :D summary: After a half day using I have 45MB of RAM only (with no application open) ROM seems to be stable and relatively fast There is a ringdelay (2 ring in sleep, 1 ring if phone is wake up) With autoclosepatch i can open Opera 10, googlemaps and seems to be stable. If I open more application, autoclose appears. Without patch I can use only 1 application. Thank you for this ROM Daskalos
  2. But my phone do this: 2-5 rings nothing happen, no vibration, no sound, no wakeup and only then there is reaction like vibration or ring and it happend to me in all checked ROMs :-(
  3. When I have decided to buy a communicator, I read a reviews and because all was really fine, I hqave bought a Samsung OmniaPRO B7610. When phone came, i was so happy. Nice display, good keyboard. After that is it just disappointment for the disappointing. While I ignore irrelevant issues, like slow reaction, lags and so on.... There are REALLY annoying things, like autoclosing apps in 6.5, ringing delay where is NO function SOLUTION, (when somebody call me about job I really would like to answer that, but 5 rings without telephone ringing, it is a mess...) I already try about 10 different ROMS, but not even one is good. When I am thinking about it, all positives from all ROMS together give me a potencially applicable ROM, but still with problems. 6,1 ROMS are not finger friendly, and there are a lot of lags 6,5 ROMS are globally dissaster, because multitasking is useless with autoclosing problem And in all ROMS is ringing delay, what is bad joke in phone like that. So I have to say, I'm not satisfied with this phone. HW is fine, but with this SW..., I was more satisfied with my old Nokia E51. What about you guys? PS: Only one positive thing are chefs like daskalos. They are trying make shuttle from s***, but I am afraid, that is it mission imposible, but I am still hoping. Currently I am looking forward for 6,1 ROM from dreamtheater39. I really hope, that it will figure out my problems with this phone.
  4. I am waiting with connected phone to flash 2 days already :-O So I hope, that dreamtheater39 shows soon :-)
  5. Hi, I would like to use some nice megalite ROM, but when is disable samsung phonepad, there are some problems (videocall and MMS). I do not need videocall really, but i need MMS, because i have them for free. Is there any chance to send MMS without that samsung stuff? Thank's for any help
  6. I am very sorry for repeating, but i need to ask. is possible to send a mms in this rom, even if samsung dialer is disable? thank you :P
  7. I have the same experience. I am using rom win6.1 IJ3. Autorotate really works like a charm, even if opera is minimize. Its a really usefull :P
  8. Thanks you so much for this ROM daskalos! But before flash, can I ask you guys, how about autoclosing in this ROM? Is it first ROM without autoclosing bug, or is still there? Thanks
  9. Thank you Shivatink :( . Now I have got it in my PDA :-)
  10. Is there any chance for newer version? I Think IL2 is still buggy, so i can't wait for newer version. It would be really helpfull.
  11. Are there other languages too? Or it is ROM only for Indian?
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