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  1. I was happy enough with Australian clockwork recovery :unsure:
  2. lankyfatrick

    OT: It's my birthday! :)

    remember to keep 'er between the hedges there lad! and if you do end up in a hedge after a failed hand-brake turn, just make sure it's a nice soft one which you can reverse out of with no damage to your mum's car like me....
  3. fixed it with a good few reboots in a row after reflashing. gotta love wierd bugs.
  4. Great wee rom you got here, loving the over clocked speed boost. I am having one issue though, no matter what time I set the screen timeout for, it will never switch off. e.g. 15 seconds, screen will dim at 15 seconds and then stay on indefinitely. this could potentially be a huge battery drain. anyone have any ideas?
  5. I'm so happy there is some froyo lovin' for the wildfire! I was showing my mate my pimped out SanFran and he was raging at how much less mine cost for how much faster it was. I will have to get him into the modaco scene. Thanks Paul, for serving me so well with the Pulse, Blade and now the Wildfire. Awesome work!
  6. lankyfatrick

    32gb sd and SF

    after reading this i decided to play it safe and order an 8GB class 6. although not too safe as it is a transcend!
  7. reboot didnt fix it. but apparently half an hour of angry birds sorts this one out ;) cheers for the rom fibble. she's running well.
  8. i was using r2a which worked a dream and decided to update. now i cannot press and hold icons on the home screen, they open right away with no option to move/remove them. also in launcher i cannot move an app to home screen. anyone else? looked through a few pages and saw nothing. Cheers
  9. I was getting the same looking for directions from City Hall in Belfast, and took me a bit to notice as I lived in Sheffield last year! Getting the o2 quirk too.
  10. not entirely related, but I continually am getting the message 'device not found' when i try and use adb on my san fran... really irritating me! using a mac
  11. I fixed this problem by going into 'Manage applications' and then wiping the data in Titanium Backup. It will now open properly, however it will not restore anything until you click on 'problems' on the opening menu where you will download busybox and it will work as normal. Hope this helps! EDIT: Thanks dragon, saw your reply just after I found a fix!
  12. Can anyone shed any light please?
  13. cheers for another great rom. i also made the switch over from the pulse! I am on a mac, and I find that whenever I delete any of the system apps and recompress the zip that it will not install. It begins the instalation and then suddenly stops, without even showing an error message. (Installing in recovery). I find I am only able to install the download as is. Any advice? EDIT: Also titanium backup is hanging at 'asking for root rights...'
  14. lankyfatrick

    Swype Keyboard

    Just wondering how many of you have seen this? its called swype and its posted on xda developers. allows you to trace the words you want on a qwerty keyboard lifting up your finger (thumb) and is a very fast and convenient method of text input. I replaced my android and touch pal keyboard with it today and will not be looking back.it is astonishingly accurate and it is much faster to use than a regular keyboard and the moreyou get used to it. its not on the market but can be downloaded as an apk file. look it up on google and youtube to get a look at it. i typed post using it and it had all the words included in its dictionary! even apk! and I notice that it has been mentioned in various device specific forums but I feel it is worth a punt in here as its available for all android phones.

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