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  1. it works! wonderfully thank you very much
  2. i908 ZUIF2 Vs. XBIJ1 WM6.5.X 23549 WAD2 City Lights 16.04.10 >http://www.megaupload.com/?d=APG3O2FC HI, still here? i am interesting in this rom, but unfortunately, i find that this link u posted is invalid now. (or it is just my problems?) thank
  3. hi, i am a user of i900 from hong kong, i am currently using pdhee 's rom ,it is nice, i think i will only flash another rom until pdhee's latest rom released ;) the only problem i find that is, i cant type chinese ,and read chinese. can someone give any advised for me? :)
  4. nsterx

    Naruto's ninja roms

    thank for share, i flashed this rom for a day, it is much more user-friendly.

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