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  1. OK I recently picked up the Spectec low profile SD wifi card for my Pocket PC, works great. Well for the hell of it I emailed Spectec to ask if I could get it to work on my Sprint Samsung i600. They replied of course, provided it was SDIO and had WM03. So they emailed me the smartphone drivers cab file. On installing I get the error message: "Installation failed. The program or setting cannot be installed because it does not have adequate permissions." I thought the Sprint version of the i600 was fully unlocked! Here I have a low profile wifi card which fits the i600 VERY nicely, and smartphone drivers, but cannot get them installed. I have read some posts on here about modifying the XML file and about a locked registry, but this is kind of foreign to me. Well I posted this in the hopes that someone more smartphone/technically savvy than I could get this to work. Just PM me or email me at [email protected] and I can forward the drivers to you. (BTW they have a bluetooth low profile card and after getting the wifi to work I was going to ask about the availability of a bluetooth driver).
  2. Hi, I came across this post in a google search. Hopefully you can help me (and maybe yourself). I have a Sprint i600 and have purchased a spectec SD wifi card. They supplied me with the smartphone drivers, but they will not install with an error message of "Installation failed. The program or setting cannot be installed because it does not have adequate permissions." I am assuming this is a security issue. Anyhow I have the cab file and it does have a XML file in it. I am pretty clueless technically but was hoping you could make this work. PM me (or email me at [email protected]) and I will send you the smartphone drivers. Spectec also has a SD bluetooth card, but I havent asked yet if they have smartphone drivers, but maybe will work for them also.
  3. That is great news, at least a first step. My question is specifically in regards to Cingular. It sounds like the phone can be used to make/receive calls after it is unlocked and flashed. But does anyone have any experience with using the internet, ie: a MEdia works plan? I would hate to go to all the trouble and expense and find that my 5600 could not access the web. So has anyone specifically had success with an unlocked reflashed 5600 connecting to the web on Cingular?
  4. OK still quite confused here, does this mean you can reflash the phone with the Orange software AND have 850 to use with Cingular? Can someone clarify? Is it really that hard for this dang unlocking? Can someone post some kind of an update?
  5. Patiently awaiting the unlocking of the SMT5600 so I can use it on Cingular. Does anyone know if an unlocked 5600 will access the internet/web on Cingular, or is it only configured for ATT network. Defeats the purpose if you can only use the phone for calls.
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