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  1. David Horvath

    LED control

    Hey guys, The three LED's are pretty cool on the SXU, but they are a bit uncontolled. Is there any way to disable it on the desktop and while viewing pictures? I saw two applications on the Play store: Illumination Bar Notification: controls all the leds as one, not really effective. LEDs U CTRL: Anybody any experience? Do you know what LUC.radar is good for? Thanks, Chronos.hun
  2. David Horvath

    Instagram on ICS

    Hey Guys, I just bought an SXU and with ICS I have problem using Instagram. I see only the 1/4th of the preview picture while taking photo. Did anybody else had this problem? Any fix known? Thanks, Chronos.hun
  3. For me the browser seems laggy, sometimes the keyboard thinks a bit before acting and the 2G/3G switch is not working. If I try to switch to 2G mode, my signal goes zero. Other than this, the Gmail white content seems to be fixed with a gmail app update and the camera preview problem is known. All in all, its the best rom ever, and it will rule! Thanks for the ones who made this possible!
  4. Any update on the too loud speakers while speaking? Can I adjust them somehow?
  5. I was expecting something more brutal than this :D
  6. I had a similar problem, and how I solved it is in this howto:
  7. For some reason I dont have gtalk app. I've read I should re apply the rom and clear the cache and apply the gapp pack. Is there any painless way to do it? Other thing is that everything seems to work fine, except the youtube playback. How can I do the patch safely, without hassling around with the current setup/apps/settings of the phone? Great work by the way! Keep it up!
  8. Figured that out myself, thanks anyway. Booting now :P Exciting!
  9. Am I the only one getting an assert failed: getprop("ro.product.device")=="blade" ... error?
  10. David Horvath

    ZTE Blade TPTs

    Guys, I would need your help. I would like to try the CM9 rom and I see I would need to repartition the internal memory of the Blade. I've tried to do it without any success. It seems TPT is disabled. the TPT helper says I have a windows upgraded Gen2. I've tried 4 clockwork images, working fine, but when I power off, pick out the battery, put it back, hold the menu+volume up buttons and power on, its just booting up, sometimes not even budge and stay powered off. I've tried volume up, and again nothing. Do you have any hints? Can I flash a TPT image somehow around? Thanks, Chronos.hun
  11. Check the alternate download link.
  12. Works for me too. I dont know if i'll use it, but can come handy someday :blink:
  13. Hi Guys, I just want to ask if the nightly builds fix the GPS problems. I have 7.0.3 and i do not get a position after 10-15 minutes under clear sky, what is unbelievable. Thanks, Chronos

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