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  1. More information - after an application uses GPS, the 3G & GSM indicators go white, and connection is not possible. Turn wifi on, and that works, and also GSM comes back. Turn wifi off, GSM is lost again. Toggling GPS makes no difference. Can anyone else confirm (or otherwise) this behaviour?
  2. When I start an application which uses GPS (e.g. Google Maps) I loose GSM and 3G radio (the icons go white and calls/3G data stop working). I need to reboot in order to get them back. This was happening under RC2, so I updated to N26 to see if it was fixed, but no difference. I re-installed after Factory Reset/data wipe, Cache wipe, Dalvik Cache wipe.
  3. Not fixed - prolonged uptime brings the bug back, although briefly putting a thumb or finger over the sensor brings the screen back.But there's still something wrong here.
  4. RE bluetooth not reconnecting to car radio - it worked this morning - seems a bit intermittent - I've found a firmware update for the car radio which I will apply before raising an issue. It might not be CM7's fault.
  5. Possible Bluetooth Issue: After pairing with my car radio (for voice calls, phonebook and BT audio), then switching off the radio and/or leaving the car, on return, the phone doesn't automatically connect again - I have to connect manually. Previous ROMS (Froyo) would give me a message on first time re-connect, asking to grant permission for the car radio to always allow phonebook access, etc, and after that would automatically reconnect when in range. This does not happen with this ROM.
  6. Just flashed v1, needed reboot after making the necessary change in call settings, and is now working great. Many thanks. I will check functionality again in the morning, after the phone has been asleep all night!
  7. I have seen the "H" icon on RC2
  8. This is talking about a nexus 1, but could the idea be adapted? http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/17377-h...oximity-sensor/
  9. Anyone tried this? EDIT: oops, simultaneous posts - see above
  10. I can bring the screen back after a call by holding my thumb over the proximity sensor and touching the power button. Doesn't work during a call, though.
  11. This doesn't work. I notice that by default the FLB rom does not enable backup, so after enabling the startup wizard in build.prop, I tried both ways - that is signing in to google first in the wizard then enabling backup when the wizard asks, or skipping the wizard, enabling backup and only then adding my google account. Neither of these methods restores my settings from the google server. Maybe what is needed is to amend the ROM to make "Privacy - Backup" enabled by default, but I don't know how to do this. Any suggestions, anyone?
  12. I think I've found a bug: On wake, phone restores wifi connection but kills 3g and 2g radio, rather than just 3g. Details: Let phone go to sleep with wifi turned on. Wifi turns off (expected). Wake phone, 3g activates, then a few seconds later Wifi activates and 3g is deactivated (expected) but also 2g is killed. In order to restore telephony connection, I need to deactivate and reactivate wifi. R10b, installed after full wipe, coming from JJ9. Blade wifi fix app not installed.
  13. What do I have to do to force this ROM to restore apps/settings from the Google server? - I've added the startup wizard to the ROM and enabled it in build.prop - the wizard runs, but still no restore from the google servers. This worked for me moving from CM6beta on old Pulse to Jellyfish on OSF, it even restored my apps, wifi settings, even my wallpaper, but doesn't work with FLB G2. Thanks
  14. No problems here re blue tint, I'm using Jellyfish, but have also had a look at Modaco and FLB.

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