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  1. Hi! I don't have a data plan and I'm not using Google Maps, so my GPS program (Agis NavFone) takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes to get a lock. Sometimes I have to quit the program and run it again before it actually acquires a position fix. :D -PY
  2. I believe you can just flash any stock WinMo 6.5 ROM. Samsung Service Centre mentioned to me that the latest SG stock ROM is IL3. You can flash JC2, no problems with warranty. You can use the Singapore CSC file from here: http://www.4shared.com/file/L_kjXdj4/B7610NXSOIL3.html That should return your phone to stock condition. -PY
  3. Hi, have you tried flashing the Singapore CSC file that I uploaded? Download link here: http://www.4shared.com/file/L_kjXdj4/B7610NXSOIL3.html That should solve your keyboard problem without having to use a 3rd-party app. -PY
  4. Thanks very, very much! Octans finally recognises my phone in Windows 7 64-bit. Haven't tried flashing yet, but should work since detection is OK. Many thanks again! :) Regards, PY
  5. Hello Norm, I'm quite surprised to hear that the CSC from my B7610 works on the i920/I8000 devices! Then again, it makes sense to make these files inter-operable to minimise the work Samsung tech dudes have to do. As for the CSC backup procedure, fellow forummer Sumit mentioned the steps in Post 4 of the thread below: http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...m/#entry1282351 Please follow the instructions on backing up your phone's CSC file. Regards, PY
  6. Great to hear that the IL3 CSC is OK! I backed it up from my phone, and didn't know if the backup was good. Thanks so much again for the confirmation! :angry: Take care!
  7. Hang on, I'm uploading the older IK1 Singapore CSC, in case you're not adventurous in trying out the newer IL3 file... OK, IK1 CSC is here: http://www.4shared.com/file/lJ_Mi_cT/B7610NXSOIK1.html
  8. Hello! I uploaded my Singapore IL3 CSC quite a while back. Please follow the download link in the old thread here: http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...ord-of-caution/ I mentioned in the thread that I haven't reflashed the CSC file to test it. Some users have downloaded the file, but have not left any feedback on whether it's OK or not. If you're willing to try it out, I would greatly appreciate your feedback here in this thread. Thanks! Regards, PY
  9. Hi, Ignition, Yes, it's possible to revert to an original/older stock CSC while the PDA and Phone parts are of a later release date. The best thing to do may be to look for the latest CSC for your country, then flash it into your phone using OCTANS. Updating the CSC will wipe out your phone's contents, so do backup your stuff before you do any flashing. :( I encountered this same problem that you're having, and I know how disconcerting it can be to have your keyboard stuffed up... -PY
  10. Good morning, Asbud! I've never noticed this problem with my phone, but I just tried and you're right about it. But I'm not sure if this problem is related to the PDA part instead of the CSC. From what little I know about S2U2, it doesn't lock all hardware keys also. But there may already be a fix for that... :( -PY
  11. Hello again, Asbud! Yes, SOIK5 is definitely a Singapore CSC, so in theory, flashing the SOIL3 CSC would give you a later version. Do take note that flashing the CSC will format all contents of your phone. If I recall correctly, the difference between the old SOIK1 and SOIL3 CSC is just that there are more widgets if you are using the Samsung TouchWiz interface. I personally don't like it much, so there's no issue for me. :rolleyes: I think what the CSC file does is to provide custom widgets for different countries, maybe some optimisations for phone companies, and most importantly, the CSC contains the correct keyboard mapping for your phone. :D Having a new CSC doesn't make your phone faster or provide additional features. That should be the PDA part of flashing the phone firmware... But I must say, if your phone works fine, you may want to keep the SOIK5 CSC and not flash the SOIL3 CSC. The IK5 CSC is only one version before IL3. I also say this for the following reasons: 1) The file I have posted is an untested backup. I haven't tried it myself so I don't know if it will affect your phone negatively. 2) I'm sharing this file for users of XSO B7610s to use in an emergency, meaning that they really need to use this CSC because of an incorrect flashing procedure or they used the wrong CSC file for flashing like me. 3) I love the B7610, so I hope that you won't have any trouble with yours if you use my CSC file. So if you think you'd still like to try flashing the SOIL3 CSC, my friend, please let us know if your phone is OK after flashing. I hope things go smoothly for you! -PY
  12. Hi, Asbud! To be totally honest, I do not know what the differences are. However, I assume that a later CSC would contain updated Carrier/Country/Region specific customisations. So for this XSO CSC which is specific to Singapore, I assume that there are certain improvements implemented with feedback from the 3 main telcos here. If your phone wasn't bought from Singapore, it may not be a good idea to flash this CSC as it may mess up your keyboard layout. I learnt this the hard way when I first flashed my phone, using a Swedish XEE CSC. Some keys got swapped, such as the ? , . keys. Also, my $ got replaced by the Euro symbol. So I had to replace this wrong CSC with an old stock Singapore CSC. ThenI went to a service centre to have the most updated CSC installed. That's my story. :rolleyes: -PY
  13. Hello! Noticed that this CSC has been downloaded a few times. Since this is a community built around the sharing information, would users who had tried out this CSC please indicate if it's OK? Much appreciated! -PY
  14. Hi, all! In the post below Sumit kindly provided me with instructions on how to backup my CSC file. http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...m/#entry1282351 The file is untested, and I must admit that I didn't reflash my phone as I just got all my data restored after bringing it to the service centre yesterday (which is how I got the CSC upgrade). For users who are looking for a Singapore CSC without much luck, I've uploaded my CSC file which is the latest to date for Singapore, links as below: http://www.4shared.com/file/L_kjXdj4/B7610NXSOIL3.html Do let us know if the CSC file is OK... So sorry to have to get you guys to be the guinea pigs... :rolleyes: Regards, PY
  15. Hi, Sumit! Thanks for the info! I've downloaded and run the file provided. I then got a file called Backup.CSS. Should it have a .CSC extension? Is this normal? Anyway, I renamed the file to B7610NXSOIL3.CSC, and then tried opening the file using OCTANS 2.14. The info OCTANS displays looks OK (as in it identifies the sales region as XSO - Singapore), but I didn't try reflashing my phone since I've just gotten it restored. :rolleyes: Here's the links to the file: http://www.4shared.com/file/L_kjXdj4/B7610NXSOIL3.html Not sure if any brave soul would be kind enough to try the file out.... :D -PY
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