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  1. Thanks for the reply. I have done the restore connection and rebooted several times (even did a hard reset). The Internet connection with my carrier is working alright, but wifi though connected doesn't seem to work. Also there is no "Settings->System->International Settings and set your location" in the setting, but i guess its the same as regional settings. And my regional settings is et to my location ( canada).. But still same problem. Not sure what i'm doing wrong. Thanks again for the help.
  2. Hi Thanks for your ROM I flashed your rom and i like it, Its fast and so far stable. I have a few problems though if anyone can help 1. Wifi is connected but all applications that require internet will not work with wifi 2. Having problems with marketplace ( when i try to install an app, it tells me it encountered a problem and i have to restart or retry. HWen it finally starts installing then when its about complete I get a message that says "your phone's time information appears to ne incorrect, Ensure the time and date in your phone settings are correct and try again") My phone's time and date are correct and the regional settings are also correct. I tried flashing another rom (stock) and the problem disappeared So i thought it was problem with marketplace. But when i flashed back this ROM i encounter the same problems again Thanks again and any ideas will be appreciated
  3. Thanks for answering. it works great. I was also annoyed by Bell's logo. Thanks again
  4. Hi Thanks for the good work. just downloaded your rom and first impression is i like it. Especially the wp7 styling cool. Great job and keep up the good work, will report on any issues i find find while testing. CHeers :D
  5. Hi what version of Xtask-XHook are you using and do you mind sharing a link to the file if possible. thanks Also, how do you set the option of XHook to replace start menu.I have installed Xtask-XHook and i have been playing around with for a while but haven't been able to figure out how to change the setting you recommended (by which imean i dont get those option,unless perhaps it is coded and i have no idea). So a step by step direction will be appreciated. Thanks again
  6. Ok so you know it is not working. I minimizes programs rather than close with single press. Long press doesn't function at all. I dont know if there is something else you can do about it. But is it possible to allow for customization of the 'X' botton in your next rom. be cause i remember my stock rom had that function where you can customize it. So i made it minimize programs with single press and close with long press. Also, it works on NRG's rom, so i think you can make it work. thanks for your time and good work.
  7. Thanks it worked but only after using a stylus instead of my fingers to calibrate the screen. I have a request. Can you include the option to either 'close' or 'minimize' a program by prssing the 'X' botton. Say for instance, short press, will minimize and long press will close. I have tried looking for that option in the settings but couldn't find it. So each time i have to use task manager to close program. Thanks again for your great roms
  8. Hi Gary, I have been using your rom for some time now. And it is the rom i resort to after trying other roms. I just flashed your latest iteration, everything seems fine but one small issue. the 'X' and 'OK' buttons at the bottom right seem to not respond to touch properly. I have tried a hard reset and even installed the sensitivity cab, but still no improvement. I have to press multiple times and very hard in order to get those bottons to work. I dont know if i am the only one experiencing the problem or others are. But if you or anyone has a solution to the problem please help me solve it. thanks
  9. COOKIE GTX is up so those of you who have been waiting for it like me head to the download site Thanks CHEF
  10. that should be good and remember to leave every other part except the PDA at least for now when flashing and I recommend you use "octans mini" to flash as it is simpler.
  11. You just select one that you think will suit your needs. I usually prefer performance and eyecandy so i go for 6.5.3 and either the cookie dinik or GTX
  12. Awesone! Can't wait. Just flashed Cookie GTX 6.5.x (16th) and everythign works. Internet didn't at first, but tried the methods by Jaivan (post 285) in the thread and now everything works excellent. haven't tried GPS but i think it should be fine as it did previously. My only concern was the low ram, as when i start some programs like (Navigon) it tells me not enough ram to ran. So this news from you is like the best thing I have heard in days. Keep up the good work. My beer will be in your fridge to celebrate your next release. you're the best Edit. I tried the GPS on my way home and it works
  13. Thanks Jaivan and all the others who replied to the internet problem. I haven't tried it yet as i reverted to my previous rom, but i am sure this is the answer to the problem. I will flash energy GTX later tonight and report back so others will know it works. I really like the way the comments on this Rom post are going. No one is taking things personal and only helpful replies are being posted. Lets try and keep it this way and avoid attacking people for asking questions (which sometimes may look stupid if you are an advanced user but to the noob its legitimate). Keep up the good work people and NRGZ28 you're the MAN
  14. It wasn't directly to NRGZ28, was quoted because of the reply. the idea is to ask anyone who has the know-how to help out. i see you are also in Canada. If you have been able to get your internet connection to work, please share how you got it to work so others can benefit. I am perfectly aware that the Chef is very busy and is better of working on the rom rather than answering these questions which are relatively trivial compared to rom cooking and fixing. So anyone out there who knows how to configure the internet connection manually or has link to where we can find the information please share thanks
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