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  1. Wish they'd start releasing top end 3.7 inch phones again. I'm ready from an upgrade from my HTC Desire but I'm loathe to renew to one of these 4.3 inch screened phones as they're just too frikkin big.
  2. I really need an answer before I leave for holiday tomorrow morning. It's just the stock Charger I got with my HTC Desire from Orange. It comes with an interchangeable plug slider for UK and European plug sockets. I've managed to slide the 3 point UK plug off without any problems but can someone please tell me how to swap the British connection for the European 2 point plug connection please??
  3. Either noone knows or the ones that do aren't seeing this thread.
  4. Are bluetooth in ear headsets made for only using a phones talking (phoning) capabilities? Is that why when I pair and connect my Nokia in ear bluetooth headset on my HTC Desire that other audio applications such as youtube etc on my Desire comes through the phones loudspeaker?
  5. Perhaps the Orange Froyo update released today will make it better.. Clutching at straws?
  6. Totally agree about the DAB part and yeah I run kinda slightly out in the country at my local Windfarm, which probably doesn't help.
  7. Just found TuneIn Radio for Andriod on the market I can use over wifi. Kinda solves my problem so ignore this thread. I'm an idiot. *blushes* P.s. The radio still isn't great when I'm out running though.
  8. I've just realised my iPod Touch is using wifi for for connection via TuneIn Radio app whereas my FM Radio on my Desire is using.......well something else. I wonder if there's an app for Andriod capable of something similar.
  9. Why is the radio so crap? I want to listen to Clyde 1 radio station on my Orange branded unrooted non romed HTC Desire but compared to the radio on my iPod Touch using a radio app it's dreadful. Can anyone help?
  10. Official Ornage update is coming within the next 4 weeks according to some orange guy called Conor on twitter. @-/
  11. roscoe141


    I hadn't updated my password in the app. problem solved. Thanks for the help everyone. :(
  12. ooo exciting!!!! Gies it in the UK, go on.. Gies it! :(
  13. roscoe141


    Anyone having any issues with it updating with new messages?
  14. roscoe141

    Email app

    I have my Virgin email account set up on my HTC Desire and I access it through the default Mail app. I can send and receive emails fine but a couple of days after receiving and reading my emails, they disappear despite having the " Ask before Deleteing" option on (ticked) and the Delete mail on Server off (not ticked). Why are emails disappearing from my HTC desire mail app?
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