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  1. I think this is a stupid idea. The idiots will just have fake G+ credentials and carry on as normal anyway.
  2. I updated my N7 OTA and it looks like a load of apps got wiped! I am running rooted stock. Must say I think the new lock screen clock looks hideous!
  3. I'm now glad I didn't go down the cheap Chinese route. I can do without dodgy traders selling me iffy goods and then ignoring my emails, let alone the hassle of Customs and Excise trying to fry my balls for all they can get... nah!
  4. I'm having the 16Gb one... time my Streak was retired.
  5. gitf@ce

    Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL Review

    I don't understand why Google has this fixation with low capacity storage options, I find the Cloud a pain in the a*** quite frankly! I thought Google/Android 'et al' was all about choice? That said I would not buy the Huawei at this price just for an SD card slot (over the N4). I'm now glad I invested in a Wi-Drive... how sad am I?!?!
  6. Personally I think they look really naff! More gimmick than design substance... the Samsung is the only one to stand out because it dared to have slightly more rounded corners (eek). I'm with 3shirts on the Xperia S, very different and a brilliant phone to boot. Shove on a 'Barely There' case and you can have whatever colour you like.
  7. I purchased one with my Nexus 7. I do find the 4GB FAT limit a pain, and find I have to re-encode an awful lot of my films. During a 2hr flick I can expect the connection to drop 3 or 4 times, which is another hassle. Other than that it's a great little device to increase your storage, network bridging works well, although this has limited use as when I'm home I just use BS player which has a really good LAN mode for network shares.
  8. Thank's everyone for your input. I finally got my own way and the Xperia S is coming tomorrow... :D I may just buy myself a nice >5" China phone before Christmas though.
  9. Thanks for the reply aaroNiGHTS... I agree with you totally, and I've now read all your reviews and comments on the various phones etc... The issue I have is that my teenage Daughter really wanted an iPhone 5 to replace her Blackberry 9700. Being an exemplary father I said NO!... just the thought of the cost makes me break out in a cold sweat. My compromise was that I'd find an alternative Android option. I thought the Experia S would do nicely but she hates the look of it, in fact anything that doesn't look like an iPhone... I'd love to buy the G2 but it hasn't passed the teenage tantrum test! Have pity on me... :P
  10. Thanks for bringing that to my attention... just need to wait for the quad cores to show up at the end of the month now.
  11. gitf@ce

    Motorola RAZR i review

    Great review! This phone looks like a contender for me when the price drops a bit, and providing there is interest from the hacking community...
  12. Hi... I want to buy my daughter a new phone for her birthday, and she tells me she would like the Goophone i5 when it appears at the end of the month. Another contender is the Hero H2000+. My problem is the apparent risk of ordering from somewhere like Aliexpress. I found a seller who had 287 good feedback, when I checked the detail most of this was made up of 'default' feedback of 4x stars as the buyer had left none! Do any of you have experience good or bad that may help me to decide?
  13. I've caved in and got an OTG cable/flash drive + Wi-Drive (for in house use). Thanks for the info....
  14. Anyone tried one of these :150899202546 (ebay)? ...looks like it may obviate the need for a lead!

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