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  1. Hi, tried " about:useragent " in the native browser's address bar ?
  2. dawabz94

    No more Galaxy S Dev???

    Same here, I think I won't renew my paid subscription I donated to XDA mods instead (Insanity,Darky,Sconcau) and hardcore for his holy speedMod kernel :-P This place is dead / SGS Have a nice day all :P
  3. dawabz94

    Galaxy S can't download apps > 25 MB

    no need to format anything /cache is limited to 30Mo on SGS, which was the previous android application limitation now android allows 50Mo application size market downloads the apk 1st in /cache partition then installs it into the system pocket legend is a big one, recently, was above 30Mo sent them some mails and they were nice enough to reduce the size below 30Mo. my latest update went fine in short, do : adb shell , su , cd /cache , rm *apk then install your app if still fails, there are chances the app is above 30Mo hope this helps ...
  4. 100% agreed lagFiX is still mandatory even on latest jpm :-(
  5. Hi, thanks for your answer I applied ryanza lagfix thought I felt the device noticeably smoother Might be a placebo effect but. .. Keeping it that way for now :-)
  6. answer to myself : nope ! thx all !
  7. Hi all; sorry if my question is a little dumb, could this work on froyo system ? I'm currently running xxjpk ... thanks !
  8. dawabz94

    Help needed | Original Talk.apk | XWJM5

    Yaaaayy !! Just pushed back the program and rebooted, works fine BiG Thanks ! :D
  9. Hi all; thanks to modaco, I got root and started to delete some apk Usually I rename to .disabled (i.e. mv Talk.apk to Talk.apk.disabled) But read somewhere that Titanium could uninstall such program So I did a backup with Titanium - which reported no error Then uninstalled Talk from my device But when I tried to restore it, there was no option in Titanium to do so Also, I manually had a look to the Titanium tar archive and found out it's only 1ko All original apps I thought were safe on the SD were only 1ko I can live without them but would be so grateful if someone could adb pull the Talk.apk from a JM5 rom and post it here Please; That would save me; the only other option I see is a reflash; it's a big time consumer ... Thanks!
  10. Hi all; this is just a biG ThX for the great work applied yesterday on my SGS 2.1 JM5, went flawlessly I did a bunch of backup before but ... everything just wen smoothly; thank you ! Just 2 small side effects I guess, both FaceBook and Twitter(the official one) widgets bicame unresponsive No way to move between facebook or twitter posts I had to uninstall/reinstall both All the rest if fine - Once again, BiG ThX !
  11. Ha ha ha ha ! Broke my hopes ;) So there is nothing abt it Milestone is a great device IMHO, moto sucks locking it that way while Droid users enjoy a bunch of custom kernels ;)
  12. hi, I'm ok to help on this also ;) If it really can bo done ;)
  13. hi all I would just like to add that after a month of usage, the kbd looses its flatness and goes bombed like n900's I'm quite happy with the kbd - even it's not 100% perfect That's it for my small contribution
  14. dawabz94

    2.1 Contact Shortcut Bug

    Thanks to you, I'm now using Helix I did not know up to now Issue confirmed I was using home++ which is a nice one too but Helix seems to be the only one allowing 1single home screen (yes I prefer the device like that :P ) The for additional shortcuts are a nice addon too Apps list is smoother on home++ though So to be short, issue confirmed on my rooted 2.1 euro milestone
  15. Well ... the hero is sold now ... thanks again :-)

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