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  1. Hi, thanks for all your effort. i just installed v8. but couldnt find't network (Turkey-Vodafone). and phone gives damaged sd card error.
  2. i could not made it. Took the latest offical wm 6.5 turkish rom and followed the instructions. First mistake was error about poutlook. And second was rom's language turned out english. very disapointed.i just want remove some programs that i never use... i wish it would be possible to remove them easily
  3. Hocam başka sitelerde bu 6.5 roma rastladım ama silinmişti.benim gibi çaylaklar işçin hangi script le orjinal rom düzenlenebilir yazabilirseniz sevinirim. Could you please tell which script is this for newbies like me.
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