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  1. Device Name : iMate Ultimate 8502 Operating System Version : Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM type : Default ROM
  2. Thanks for the info! May have to get one then, have been looking for a replacement for my 3yr old Sony M600i thats similar and this seems to fit perfectly! Same size and qwerty keyboard (never got on well with touch only inputs after having the M600i for so long) which were my 2 main priorities with added extras like gps,camera,wifi and wm6.1 that I dont have at the mo.
  3. anyone heard anymore on the UK release? Am hunting the interweb almost daily for any news now lol! Also anyone seen any French or German sites review it yet? Had enough of UIQ now so its time to come back to WM.
  4. Will bring an end to device variations too, so no more daft ideas ie taking wifi out of their tornado (c600)
  5. T-Mobile in Croatia has now released a WWE 3.3 ROM.
  6. while youve got v1 bootloaders, you might aswell cid unlock anyway now (for free, use lokiwiz2 on xda-dev) as to put wm6 on, your gonna have to move up to v2+ bootloaders first. after which you'll need to pay to unlock it or go through the hassle of downgrading back to v1s.
  7. for the first, i think that moving the wheel would silence it, i know on other phones pressing volume + or - would do it.
  8. get yourself a copy of 'windows mobile developer power toys', in it is the 'activesync remote display', which allows to control the ppc from a pc. to get it workin on a wm5 device, copy over cerdisp2 and killproc to \windows from the C:\Program Files\Windows Mobile Developer Power Toys\ActiveSync_Remote_Display\devices\wce400\armv4 folder on the pc and best of all its free!
  9. http://www.t-mobile.de/privat/0,1788,13082-_,00.html First you must scroll to the right under "Klingeltöne und mehr", click on "Software / Konfigurationen" and then on "Geräte-Software". Also use "Model andren" to select a MDA Compact II Direct http://www.t-mobile.de/downloads/t-mobile/...de_ger_ship.zip
  10. works fine on my m700, the rom is AKU 3.3.1 so its the latest version (and probably the last) of WM5, also the radio is newer than Oranges, 1.35 vs 1.38. Seems to run a bit quicker ive noticed & also the problem with BASS is fixed too.
  11. apparently dopod australia say they will be releasing a wm6 for there trinity variant in a few months. so ...? see what happens.
  12. Anyone else had trouble generating the initial library when youve got a huge amount of tracks on the memory card? mine would stop halfway through saying it was done but then give 'unexpected errors' when trying to access it. in the end i had to stick the card in an adapter and then back in my charmer to generate it. now works fine back in my m700. i did see that the version nos of wmp are different though, its v10.3, build 15096 on the m700 but only v10.2 build 14847 on the charmer. EDIT seems like it could be the card tho since its now decided its doesnt want to play anymore. oh well back to the manufacturer! looks like i#ll just admit defeat and stick to 2gb sandisk cards.
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