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  1. I installed this via CWM, it now seems to be in a boot loop. Any ideas?
  2. I have FLB r10 installed, and CWM Could I just installed this with CWM after wiping of course. Hmmm, links in post 2 are dead...
  3. Great stuff! I hope they stock the Galaxy Note 3, I have a feeling that will be my next phone.
  4. Got mine for £80 at http://www.sweatshop...cfm?ProdID=8061 I knew i shouldve bought 5 at that price! They are such a good device... Head over to the DProm thread for the ROM most of us use: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1746904 Paul, dont hold out on us. We could do with another ROM to mix things up a bit!
  5. OK here we go, finally :) http://www.getandroidfree.com/download/ARom/ZTECrescent/USB-Driver-For-ZTE-Cresent.rar
  6. Not Found The requested URL /downloads/osf-ii/drivers/osf-ii-driver-windows.exe was not found on this server. Anyone got a mirror?
  7. I am searching in the Play Store for Google Maps but its not showing. Any ideas? I'm finding text input on some web pages is slow. sometimes I can type a whole word without anythin appearing on the screen, then all of a sudden the word appears! How do i get the custom cpu speed to stick after a reboot? How can i find out how much RAM my blade has?
  8. i downloaded and flashed via cwm. now on reboot all the apps i installed dont appear in my app drawer. they are still on the homescreen tho. any ideas?
  9. :) downloading now :) EDIT: tilal, you need to remove the " off the end of your link! http://goo.im/devs/tilal6991/blade/ROMs/CyanogenMod/CFX/update-cm-9-20120515-SNAPSHOT-blade-ColdFusionX-tilal6991-signed.zip
  10. Hi, Ive done this but after installing via CWM and rebooting, I cannot fine the s2e app. Is that what the app is called 's2e'? I tried wiping cache+dalvik but still nothing EDIT: I tried again using this link http://uploadmirrors.com/download/115TUYA4/S2E_Mod.zip (2.3MB) and it now works. The other one apps2ext-cm9.zip, was only 173kb
  11. I know ap2sd is apps2sd, but i only though this was needed for eclair ROMS???? What is s2e? I have a fresh install of this ROM and I havent played around with it yet. Do apps not automatically install to SD? I thought that function was built into Android from 2.2 and onwards.
  12. Thats great thanks! The OP should put how to use TPT Helper in his first post to help newbies :)
  13. How do I check if I have a 185mb system partition? What happens if mine is less? Can I change it? How do I change it? Is this ROM for Gen1 devices? Does it work with TFT screens?
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