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  1. ca you please post the link again? i cant seem to download it..

    are all the features like wifi and headset working??

    thanks alot

  2. (eDDy)

    Android on Omnia Lite

    you're right i don't know why they don't still release a beta version of the porting :D
  3. No, it doesn't. Omnia i900 hasn't the same cpu of the OLite one. If you run it, you may damage your phone!
  4. (eDDy)

    Android on Omnia Lite

    News: It was fixed the bug on the usb, now android starts also if the phone is not connected with pc The nand version isn't still created, i think that the nand version will be made when all bugs are fixed and all features (wifi, gps ,fm-radio, sensor, etc...) are implemented :) me too .-.
  5. (eDDy)

    Android on Omnia Lite

    It'll be released when the bug of the sleep mode is fixed
  6. (eDDy)

    Android on Omnia Lite

    Hi keyboard c, there are news :D pr0gz (4PDA) is making a new version with phone, wifi, gps and radio that work! This version is not still released, here some screen: By the way, i don't think that Wp7 runs on our Omnia Lite because, how you said, Omnia lite has not the requirements. Where did you see the news about WP7 porting from?
  7. (eDDy)

    Android on Omnia Lite

    No i can't, i'm not the developer of this project .-.
  8. (eDDy)

    Android on Omnia Lite

    there are not any new version from 4PDA :P
  9. (eDDy)

    Android on Omnia Lite

    you can't call and send by android so you can't replace wm with android yet because phone parte doesn't work.... We can't run WP7, it has specific requirements that Omnia Lite hasn't got and in this moment there are not porting of WP7 for our devices .-.
  10. (eDDy)

    Android on Omnia Lite

    in these versions the phone (gsm) doesn't works so you can't call and send sms
  11. (eDDy)

    Android on Omnia Lite

    now there aren't fully working versions .-. ... in all available versions don't work wi-fi and other components, such us bluetooth, gps, sensor, etc..., and there aren't any upgrade to fix these problem .-. the only thing that we can do is waiting... and hoping ;)
  12. (eDDy)

    Android on Omnia Lite

    Now there aren't fully working versions... I suggest you to download froyo or gingerbread version. In these versions wi-fi and other components don't work but them contain a lot of apps that you can test ;)
  13. i use SPB Keyboard too, here you can find a WP7 skin ;)
  14. (eDDy)

    Android on Omnia Lite

    i run android on a 8gb sdhc card

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