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  1. Dixon's offered me a refund 2 weeks after I bought mine as I emailed them with screen issues, they'll generally refund or replace faulty hardware or something which does not function to the expected/desired level within 28 days, if you changed your mind then you have 7 days in UK under distance selling regulations if you bought online. many stores voluntarily extend this to 28 days such as Amazon, tescos etc, so curry's might do same. Best advice is speak to curry's over the phone and sound them out on the issue, if they have good customer service they'll do what they can to help you.
  2. jamesie

    Vega future

    My Vega's just 2 weeks old and is plagued by sticky keys, I use stock 1.09 & ganjamans rom add on, i.ve tried other roms with no improvement. I thought about waiting for a xoom but other than the viewing angles the hardware is not sufficiently different/improved enough to warrant the price tag. I have a Google Signature phone if I want to play with latest tweaks. The Vega is a great toy and I think as soon as honeycomb aosp is released It'll be on the Vega in a flash. No point ditching it just yet, if once honeycomb aosp is released the devs find it impossible to port to the Vega, only then would I consider a xoom !
  3. Lol, I think the best feature is the"vivid 10.1" HD display" , a must when playing 3D games without glasses!
  4. I had the same problem with mine, only 1" on left side of screen would respond to touch, it was worst when cold. Warming it up slightly (not baking it, but resting it my Underfloor heating which is 27°) would slowly bring it back to life. Fortunately since flashing 1.09 and keeping to stock I haven't had the issue for a week now :-)
  5. I agree about the need for a charger with the dock, when a charger can be had for a less than £5 on fleabid, dsg should be able to get em for penny's from their suppliers. It would transform the dock into something I'd consider having in a couple of rooms
  6. I had dell inspiring duo tablet for a week before getting my vega, I returned it because of the poor quality screen, seems advent is not the only OEM using poor quality LCD, i'm keeping the Vega as it was £200 less than the dell so my expectations were lower. Samsung will hopefully bring out an amoled tablet later this year, until then the Vega screen is just about good enough for the price !
  7. The screen is terrible for viewing angles, particularly compared to my nexus s or Asus T91. It's slightly better upside down in landscape mode, I like the speed, weight and size But I'll prob only keep mine until the 10" Samsung or Asus eeepad is released. Has anyone tried it with a screen protector, does it improve viewing angles?
  8. Based on how well Sony locked down the x10 bootloader, they.really capable of making android very difficult to hack. And the x10 bootloader wasn't preventing them get extra sales revenue, game sales will really matter to them so I would hazard they'll put a lot of effort in making sure it doesn't get hacked!
  9. hi, here's how i did it: 1. start aebplus 2. select file - add button 3. press work/life key - select add button 4. in main menu select the button you just added by pressing and holding it 5. select handle with aeb 6. select single press 7. select run application 8. choose the app you want seems to work ok
  10. hi, i just installed AEBPlus and it works a treat with the omnia pro for remapping the hardware buttons. i have now successfully re-mapped the work button to activate touch calendar with a short press and work mode with a long press. app can be foud here: http://ae.inc.ru/aebplus.php
  11. have you checked "automatically detect network settings"? i'm using stock rom with no issue
  12. mine just arrived from holland, got tired of waiting for it in the uk so bought it at 4launch.nl, arrived in 4 days. I already like it lots more than my old i900
  13. +1 sector has made a big contribution to modaco and omnia users - an i'm sure he'll keep his hand in thanks for the great roms and tutorials over the last 12 months, they're so good i've forgotten what the standard rom looks like !
  14. judging from some of the comments it does seem this may be hardware dependent. you do have to be fast when pressing the attach i900 in the usb menu, I do it as soon as hear the new device attached sound. but on my system i have about 8 seconds to do this before the phone boots in the normal way. I flash my phone weekly using the above method, so can assure you it does work and for me is pretty straight forwards - this does not mean that it will work for everyone though.
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