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  1. Thats an interesting piece of information to know. Thanks for this.
  2. Well I just hope a disagreement with one person doesnt ruin it for all the other members of this forum who truly respects his work. Dont Go Daskalos!
  3. Lets just say if I were to recycle it or sell it as Cash Generator in the UK...they will only give me about £90 - £100 for it. Ridiculous in some ways considoring it was bought for £350 at christmas.
  4. Don't know Android enough to risk buying an android phone...have been considoring the iphone 4 though cause I know the iphone platform quite well from a friend...seems like Windows Mobile is dying off latley. But I hope to god Daskalos comes back...the B7610 is just nothing at all without him at the helm. Not going to pretend fully whats going on, but has he left because of this argument with indivx?
  5. if this is the case for the b7610...it was very short lived.
  6. Whats this like compared to Rapid81's version that's out? any better or worse?
  7. You can change the operator settings using the Samsung Settings Menu
  8. Well thats the thing so far using the s2u2 lockscreen...the device has been fine. but when using the lockscreen that comes with the rom...the problem happens....
  9. Is there a problem with the included LockScreen? Cause this is what I experience. Locked the phone as usual by pressing the button on the side of the phone to turn the screen off before going to bed last night, this morning i tried to turn the screen on...nothing...tried the soft reset button...nothing...so i plugged my charger and it was charging from first bar....it was dead! It was like 95% power when i left it. So i left it charge back up to 100% then load it back up and turn the screen off as usual....come back half an hour later and the same problem has happened again!..except in this case i'm able to reboot the device using the soft reset button...Once my device loads up again I notice the battery power has dropped to 47%....in a matter of 30 mins...my phone has used just over half its battery power! I was not pleased...I've replaced it with S2U2 and it seems to have sorted the problem. I'm hoping I can sort this problem...cause i feel that the lockscreen in the ROM gives me more memory avaliable to use than using S2U2 does. Anyone having this problem or anyone know a solution?
  10. Well your right I don't notice any blocks on the video using the 6.5.5 ROM and Touch Player. I did more tests and this is what I found. On the 6.5.3 ROM: Touch Player = Blockiness Noticed. CorePlayer + TCPMP (Dithering Off or On) = Blockiness Noticed. Now using the 6.5.5 (with Sense): Touch Player = No noticeable blockiness. CorePlayer + TCPMP (Dithering off or on) = No noticeable blockiness. Seems to me somethings happened in the new 6.5.5 build to improve some areas of video playback perhaps? such as the directshow filter.
  11. Im on the 6.5.3 Sense ROM atm...the touch player included with the ROM brings out a blocky picture. But what ill be doing is installing the touch player cab from the megalite pack you just mentioned, after that I will test the touch player cab from the i8000 and see what results i get. UPDATE: Well i just tried overwriting my original touch player with the 23547 version...still got colour banding, will be installing the i8000 version of the touch player found in the hybrid ROM... UPDATE 2: Installed the i8000 Touch Player, appeared to work great until you got to video playback and it would just crash...might just be something to do with the 6.5.5....ill flash it now and see how i go.
  12. Is this just for the i8000 camera software? or will it work for the B7610 aswell?
  13. I've heard an android is being created for the Omnia 2/B7610 but can't remember where. I'm not bothered about the whole phone being 16m colours...i just wouldn't mind videos playing in 16m colours...that would make me a happy bunny :)
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