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  1. HI Guys Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, ill follow up youe advice and let you know how i get on :) Cheers again Scott
  2. Hi i wonder if anyone can help me. I been trying for a while now to figure out how to send pics, vids and ringtones via BT and i just cant figure it out :?: i can recive all media via BT but i just cant sent anything. HELP!!! Cheers Scott
  3. Hi, thanks for the welcome and thanks for the reply's. I am using beta player, and secondly i have let it run for approx 15 mins but was still on the title screen. And thirdly no i havent upgraded the phone yet, but i did just see the an update on coolsmartphone.com is this the one your talking about? I shall try it and see how it goes Thanks again for your help Scott
  4. Hi People, im new here :? Im having problems with my SPV c500, when i try watching a dvd the 1st time i try it works but if i go back to watch the rest of it later the audio plays but the picture freeze's. I found that if i take out the mini sd card put it back in and turn the phone back on it works, but i have to do this each time i wanna watch it, i know its not normal, can anyone help me????? ^_^ Cheers Scott
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