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  1. I tried flashing twice and it ended up in boot loops, installed another rom in between and now it boots correctly.
  2. e2zippo

    *REVOTE* for best 2.1 ROM w/ Benchmarks

    BeHero is definitely not as fast as say AychTeeSee's cupcake rom, not even close, however, it does seem to be the most stable 2.1 rom i've used so far (running 1.3.1 as we speak). Looking forward to MCR 4.0 when official 2.1 is out!
  3. I've been testing out a lot of different roms over these past months but I always end up back with 3.2b5 which indeed is rock solid, You really did some amazing work on that rom Paul! I'm really looking forward to 4.0 once 2.1 gets out. Keep up the good work!
  4. e2zippo


    I've had the exact same problem, but after like 25 tries i managed to move it without disabling SlideIT (didn't think of that) Maybe we should mail Dasur and let them/him know of these problems/feature requests.
  5. You got it working, that's the most important part :(
  6. I've used modaco since 3.0 and I've never encountered this, are your APN's in order?
  7. e2zippo


    It's a demo, and it will expire from what I've heard. The thing about dictonaries (and shortcuts) not beeing saved, it's a limitation in the lite-version, I mailed Dasur and asked him and he confirmed it. I just bought the full version, well worth the money if you ask me. The only drawbacks so far is: -Back/delete button is really slow! (except for when you've just typed a word, then the whole word gets deleted). -i still haven't found a fast way to type url:s, I will have a look at the manual again for any tips & tricks (abc mode is not as sensitive as the "real" HTC keyboard.
  8. e2zippo


    I have the same problem, my shortcuts and all the words i add to the dictonary are gone after a little while?
  9. e2zippo


    Just read above! It's been mentioned like 5 times, jeees!
  10. e2zippo


    I just tried it and it works for me, so no issue here. Edit: just wanted to let people know that this works really good, and it's the only "slide-app" that supports swedish. This is awesome! :D
  11. e2zippo


    I just tried it with the swedish keyboard and it works great! Just need a little practice!
  12. e2zippo

    Swype Keyboard

    I tried it but it's pretty useless if you're not english, i hope they support more languages over time, i might try it again, since typing now kinda sux on the hero because it lacks multitouch!
  13. e2zippo

    Removing A2SD Advice

    I just got rid of my a2sd a couple of days ago and what i did was just what descenpet wrote, swap 0 ext 0, and the rest as fat32. At first i backuped everything with titanium backup, copied that to the hard drive and the the procedure above.
  14. Is it the same as the taskiller tweak? And i can't find it on the market.
  15. e2zippo


    These are some great tips, i thought the "volume hack" was only for increasing the volume but now that i see that sound quality improves i'm really excited since the quality is pretty bad from the start. But it says i need a signing tool if i want to use method 2, do you know where i could get one? (i've never used or setup ADB, although i guess i should) Thanks!

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