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  1. Yes I was using the madaco 3.0 but noticed I would have sms text delays or I wouldnt receive a few text messages here and there. But when I changed the madaco 3.0 to madaco 2.9 and installed the latest radio, I've noticed a huge difference, in places I would have only 1-2 signal bars, it would now be either full or close to. And even sending text messages. My recipient , would get them in a matter of seconds.
  2. No I did not unzip,I found out what the problem was. I was tryinh to do all of this on a MAC,and the radio was'nt downloading correctly. So I tried it again on Windows 7 and I put the radio about 8MB of info,But when I put the HTC in recovery mode, instead of going to "Apply sdcard:update.zip" I went to " Apply sdcard:choose zip",and the radio download was in there. So I proceeded . The installation went very well, I am now on the latest radio baseband Thanks
  3. yes,tried that also,but when I go into recovery mode,the radio file doesn't show up..am i doing something wrong??These are my phone info,maybe someone can advice something to do or try.. FIRMWARE VERSION- 1.5BASEBAND VERSION- VERSION- 2.6.27-8dd6deeBUILD NUMBER- 2.73.405.5 146733 CL#612767 release-keysSOFTWARE- 1.0.0.A6288
  4. Ok,I found out what the problem was,when I tried to download the radio link. Turns out I was trying to download the radio link from my MAC. When I switched over to a windows pc. It worked and downloaded fine. But when I tried putting it on the SD card, and opening a file manager, to try to run the Radio file,It doesnt work,I searched everywhere on instructions, on how to install and update the radio, on my HTC HERO. But cant find any instructions, on how to to so.
  5. I am trying to install the latest radio,I already tried copying it to the SD and renaming it RADIO, when I try opening it up with a file manager,it gives an error, I also tried booting, after holding the home and power button. But it the radio doesn't show up,By the way I been hearing about people bricking there hero while updating there radio, I am using a unlocked HTC HERO using a AT&T sim card..,
  6. Hello,,, I've done a lot of reading and searching. Trying to find which custom ROM would be best for my HTC HERO unlocked to AT&T, in the USA? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. Also Which Radio should I have installed? From the link, I've tried downloading the radio download link, but i get a html file http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-hero...ate-zip-format/
  7. Hey guys,When I try to download the radio for my HTC HERO, I get a HTML file. Is that's right ?, Or do I need some kind of download manager?.
  8. I tried downloading the Hero's New radio. But the link that says download,only downloads a HTML file. Do I need some kind of download manger? Or do I put that HTML file on the hero SD card,and change name to UPDATE..and boot rom that??
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