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  1. I'm using exactly set same but ext 4 1,5GB. I was using 2GB partition but it freezed all the time :S. 1,5GB beta2 and installation by jimmads instructions is best working android so far..
  2. I am using android from sd card so does this differ compared to using my storage?
  3. +1 No freezing when plugged in. But when I unplug I get only a few minutes before freezing :). And I can't download anything from the market. But my ext4 is a bit over 2gb so that might be the cause... But when android is shutdown in ext4 by pulling the battery out there's no file corruption like in ext2..
  4. Anyone managed to get sms from windows to android? I tried some methods but they couldn't do the job.
  5. Can someone make a new working ext2.tar from the latest files? This would help a lot of noobs like me. I can't access the microsd android partition without any cardreader or adapter. Is there anyway to see both partitions in windows using O2 as cardreader? Thanks in advance.
  6. I already have tried that one. I have also tried to modify the sound levels by calling *#0002*28346#. I have flashed many different roms and the problem has sticked. I have tried every setup on the settings. I also tried to increase the volume levels for the ringtone.mp3 with audacity. That didn't help either. The problem: Ringtone doesn't make any sound. When I try to prelisten ringtones in samsung settings they are so silent.. Every other sound is working fine and without any problems. SMS ringtone works fine and vibration works fine even when someone is calling me. Phone calls are working excellently. Using these atm: ROM: NXXJI1 -Speedfrog mod CSC: XEEJH2 PHONE: XXJD1 Now I'm wondering if my phone file is corrupted. And is this even loosely related to my ringtone? which one are you guys using? Any help is appreciated.
  7. I installed the 2.1 GFMAPI and Rdsradio. I live in Finland and at my location TMC is working in rdsradio with frequency 99.9 but when I start igo primo i can't get tmc signal. I use the following sys.txt: [interface] show_exit=1 extra_settings=0 resolution_dir="800_480" vga=0 [rawdisplay] highres=0 screen_x=800 screen_y=480 class="landscape" [tmc] port="COM,6" baud=38400 source="royaltek" auto_tuning="1" enable_subscription=1 ;harman eten galik opentmc2 opentmc1 hyundai samsung amaryllo royaltek gns [GPS] source="virtserial" port=9 baud=9600 protocol=nmea I have tried many other TMC solutions but none of them has worked. This configuration shows me the frequency 0.0 others showed just an empty space. Any Help is appreciated :P
  8. Sorry but still no preview images. First I uninstalled the previous task switcher. Then the cab installed just fine and I checked that now there's screencapture.lnk in startup.
  9. THAAAANKKSSSS!!!!! :DDD I have trying searching it everywhere. You so made my day!
  10. Thanks for the cab! So nice of you. I have some theory related to the white squares. Just after SR I have about 70mb ram. I start to play tower defense or flight commander and they haven't shown white squares. If I use my phone for some time and ram drops down to 40 or below. Then start TD or FC and they almost everytime show some white squares. I can honestly say that using JB3 and GK wrapper I never had white squares with those games. Maybe there have been some change in gles files? This might just affect sense also in 6.5.X. If I remember correctly, the sense starts to show the white squares in weather tab only after some time. Have you noticed any correlation between the free ram vs. white squares? Or is this some big coincidence...
  11. Screencapture.lnk? anyone? please share... @Rapid: manila.exe crashed a few times after flashing the rom. Now it seems stable. Have you noticed this behaviour?
  12. Anyone has the drawing hand picture from http://darkforestgroup.com/forum/index.php?topic=3852.0 this forum? I found it nowhere :P...
  13. Thanks for answering. I found that cab myself, but I was thinking it lacks some features because it's meant for 6.1 and older. But I think I was wrong. I can't find the screencapture.lnk anywhere and I know it is included in the stock roms, so could some share it with me :P? Thanks.
  14. Excellent :P. Do you have/do you know if there's marketplace.cab somewhere which can be used in this rom? I found i8000hzhjc2eng_taskmanager.cab for installing the samsung task switcher. It works, but I can't see the "preview"-pictures for my running programs. Only blank black pictures. Is there a fix to this or maybe just jc2 isn't compatible?
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