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  1. still_strange

    Mobile Broadband on a Budget (or FREE!)

    Love the idea of the Ovivo and quite tempted to get 1 for those times I am out and about. Now what we need in conjunction to this is a review of 3g wifi hotspots that work well with these sims for us nexus 7 wifi only owners.
  2. still_strange

    Motorola XOOM 2 Media Edition Wi-Fi 16GB £149.99!

    If I didn't have a nexus already I would be tempted with this offer.
  3. Thanks paul. Time to backup and re-bake :)
  4. still_strange

    Switching gmail accounts

    Thank you both very much. There was me looking into the complicated profile switching type way when its the simple add a 2nd account. :blush: :blush: OOPS!
  5. still_strange

    Switching gmail accounts

    OK I have probably missed something but I can't find the answer. I have just purchased a 2nd nexus 7 (the wife keeps stealing mine) and registered it with a new gmail account and separate card (for another free £15 play credit) Is there an easy way to switch between the two accounts without wiping the device each time. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. still_strange

    Touch screen issues on my one day old nexus7

    well to update the issue I was having, reset everything to stock and still happening so its gone back today and should get a shiny new replacement in the next couple of days. Now do i set up a new gmail account for some new freebie apps?????
  7. still_strange

    Touch screen issues on my one day old nexus7

    Upgraded to JR6 so will see if it happens again
  8. still_strange

    Touch screen issues on my one day old nexus7

    I have a slightly different touch screen issue. My screen is registering something touching it in the location where the blue dot is on the attached file. After the tablet kept launching programs by its self I installed touch test to see what was happening. I Stopped touching the screen and 1 point flicked back to the location there. Any ideas or is it back for replacement. I am currently running MCR Jr5.
  9. Thank you Paul, now have google wallet working :)
  10. OK I think I am being a bit dense here, I have just flashed a nice shiny custom rom including the wallet but I don't see it on my device. Any ideas??
  11. still_strange

    Win a Samsung Galaxy S III with MoDaCo and mobicity

    Me please Me please. I don't win competitions but I really want to win this 1 :)

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