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  1. Hi

    Mananged to use WolfspiritM's amended instructions to get past the "FAILED (remote: 90 hboot pre-update! please flush image again immediately)

    sending 'zip' (137446 KB)" issue. Thanks!

    However, I now can't get my computer to recognise the device for step 2! Below is the feedback I get from the command window:


    Desire Root Step 2

    Pushing required files to device...

    * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *

    * daemon started successfully *

    push: files/etc/mtab -> /etc/mtab

    push: files/etc/fstab -> /etc/fstab

    push: files/sbin/wipe -> /sbin/wipe

    push: files/sbin/unyaffs -> /sbin/unyaffs

    push: files/sbin/ums_toggle -> /sbin/ums_toggle

    push: files/sbin/um -> /sbin/um

    push: files/sbin/tune2fs -> /sbin/tune2fs

    push: files/sbin/toolbox -> /sbin/toolbox

    push: files/sbin/sdparted -> /sbin/sdparted

    push: files/sbin/recovery -> /sbin/recovery

    protocol failure

    error: device not found

    Pushing update file to device sdcard - this may take a few minutes...

    error: device not found

    error: device not found

    Now wipe and apply rootedupdate.zip from the recovery image menu.

    error: device not found

    The desire is sitting devices and printers section on my computer so I cant understand why it cant be found.

    Am using windows 7 64 bit.

    Its now a personal mission of mine to root this so any help would be really appreciated.


  2. Hi

    I recently bought an HTC HD2 and set it up to sync with my works outlook email using my OWA URL, login name and password. This was all working fine for a few days until it suddenly stopped.

    Having investigated the issue it appears that my IT department have disabled ActiveSync on my account so now I am unable to sync my mail with my mobile.

    Does anyone know of any application / programme that can sync with email using OWA with ActiveSync disabled. I found one programme called Chronobis which looked promising but it doesn't work with Exchange 2007 which means its no good for me!

    I am unable to involve my IT department in any solution so I need to be able to sort it without admin privelages on my exchange server.

    I'm desperate to get my mail back on my phone so any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks


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