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  1. My daughters phone has found it's way back to me after 12 months hard use... I've installed a new digitizer and rear cover, so it looks like new now - just need to get it to work now.... Starting normally, it boots to the big green droid, then onto the clockwork screen (ver And that's about all it can do - it doesn't want to mount the SD card ('error mounting SD card') Can't remember if it's gen 1 or gen 2, seem to think it had the GSF rom before it expired. I've looked at the 'recovery' thread, but not sure which method I should start with. There's nothing I need to recover from the phone, so willing to try anything.. Any advice welcomed.
  2. I've got this problem too, again ginger stir fry. Was on beta 11, so tried and update to beta 26 - same problem?
  3. Sounds like one of the white Blades I bought - used it for a while with a custom rom then one day the screen just wouldn't come on, returned it under warranty
  4. So does the zip file now contain the latest version of cwm, the new partitioning and the latest nightly? The text above the link in the first post suggests it has the latest version of cwm - but further on in the same post, it says the changes will be added to the next version of the download :mellow:
  5. Ordered the plain cheapie £1.57 one from ADVERTISING SPAM on Ebay - arrived today vg for the price, good fit and the holes are plenty big for the charger and camera. Also ordered the Sikai in green - best case I've seen so far and I like the textured finish. It's more rubbery so very good grip. Again the holes are in the right places and big enough + I really like the buttons for the power and volume. Did also order the Sofiz one from China - not arrived yet needless to say - but it'll need to be something else to be better than the Sikai one.
  6. you say no trial is available - I presume you've tried thefree beta version that was around a few weeks ago? There's a thread in here somewhere discussing it. I tried it, impressive, but novelty wore off quickly.
  7. As title, the share contacts options are email, bluetooth or barcode scanner(why I can't imagine though?) How do i text someone's contact details via sms? Running FLB r10 - although looks like JJ9 is the same, had thought this would be simple.
  8. Turbo sim isn't for rooting - it's for bypassing the sim lock :D
  9. I get this - there's a few folk reported similar issues. If I turn down the volume from max, the 'crackle' goes away. I'm pretty sure the speaker has a fault of some sort. Other thing you can try is, before making a call, try putting your mouth over the speaker and blowing - this seems to force the speaker back in shape, but it doesn't last. I'll put up with it till spare parts become readily available.
  10. Hi Fibblescan, any chance of sorting the alarm ringtones - it won't allow you to change from the default rooster ringtone. Even tried installing the standalone Froyo Alarm and it's the same. Best rom to date - might even sell my back up CM6 Pulse :D Cheers.
  11. I had this - go back over the last couple of pages, someone had a link to the Froyo Alarm.zip. Install via clockwork and you now have a standalone alarm and access to all the alarm tones.
  12. Worked for me with an Orange PAYG SIM - able to make calls and send/receive texts, didn't try data as I didn't have data on my SIM.
  13. I'm running the 10b flb Rom. on quadrant I get a score of 780 - is this genuine? I know there were issues with false scores caused by stagefright but don't know if this impacts my score? I haven't overclocked or done anything else techy + just installed the Rom. it certainly seems quick, our other sf running the jj 9 Rom only scores 380.
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