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  1. I did. I uninstalled Activesync - and reinstalled (4.5). My icon reappeared and I've been able to use.
  2. I have a weird situation. Activesync connects to my AT&T Tilt2 and syncs (albeit the sync hangs every now and then) - BUT THE MOBILE DEVICE ICON DOESN'T SHOW UP IN EXPLORER. Easy Sync and CERegEditor connect to the mobile device - but I can't manually transfer files since I can't find the icon! Any ideas anyone?
  3. I am trying to map a one key recording (Tilt2 0 WinMo 6.5) to begin recording a phone call. My old resco on Palm Treo could do this but so far I only see the ability to bring the recorder up - executing a second finger press to actually begin recording (I couldn't possibly record every call and have to go back to delete the 90% of useless files that would be there). I tried ACR (free) for a while which had a nice feature to ASK after every call if I wanted to save the recording. However - when multiple calls would come in - it would truncate the existing call and not re-record the caller on hold. any ideas? I don't see that either VITO or Resco can do this. I thought maybe there was an argument that could be fed with the executable on Resco - but Resco customer support won't respond.

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