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  1. Had the LGO2X for 2 weeks, it sucked the big one. Sent it straight back to Amazon and got my SGSII from the UK, never looked back. It's defo the best phone I've had to date, and I've had quite a few my self ( Hero/Milestone/SGS/Desire and Desire HD/LGO2X)
  2. Just wondering if it would be possible to port a stock android rom to the SGS? ....wink wink Paul.
  3. Can't load rom,keep on getting ( can't open serial (com) port ) USB drivers are installed.
  4. Awsome dude, nice work ( even for an Arsenal fan lol ) Same problem as the other guys, can't install HTC widgets, did'nt wipe beforehand. PS. came from 3.0 :)
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