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  1. the amount of apps you can't get with the 'wrong' denisty is very aggresive.. adobe flash for example... the issue is the new version of market really, older versions weren't so fussy
  2. you'll have to chnage the default location of cmd to the folder where adb.exe is located (which will be where ever you left it!) but yeah that's it so for example my streak tools live in a folder called "streak" on the root of my c drive so i'd type froma default cmd prompt C:\Users\Adam>cd c:\streak c:\Streak> NOW i can type adb shell remember to run CMD as admin cheers
  3. hi guys, could someone please point me in the direction of a how to for getting usb hosting working without installing the usbdisk option, as i don't want to break mounting of the sd card? [any help on getting hdmi output working would be great as well!] thanks guys
  4. adzman808

    USB Host

    fingers crossed it works :P was it hard to make the cable?
  5. adzman808

    USB Host

    Good find ;) This mod is too force charging from chargers that don't present the handset with the sufficient mA value to engage charge mode most ppl make this mod on the charger, rather than the cable this mod is the same IN PRINCIPLE as the mod needed for the OTG cable (usb host support), in that the dell cable needs modifying to make the handset treat the usb device as a device & not a charger or as a host device it's self !! if i understand ok (..................) the usb host mod will work with the streak dock cos the mini usb port of the dock already bridges the necessary pins to enable OTG
  6. adzman808

    USB Host

    i'm no expert, but in case it reassures you, i went steve rom - 318 - 319 - 1.9.volboost - 1.9.NO volboost over the course of 2011 and haven't ever factory reset once... (so far!!)
  7. adzman808

    USB Host

    this MIGHT help re modifying a std charger cable for OTG... maybe.... http://devdot.wikispaces.com/Dell+Streak+U...roller+Tutorial
  8. adzman808

    USB Host

    is this working with the streak dock & a mini usb OTG cable? cheers
  9. is it ok to remove the odex files as well as the apk?
  10. adzman808

    Dell Stage Alternative

    lol dell stage is so bad it's insulting
  11. if you root expl cut n paste to the SD card you can always restore later if you go to far (worse case phone wont boot into the 'desktop' & you'd have to adb psuh the stuff back - after retrieving it from teh sd card) or even find the 318 dump (.zip) that Fards posted just b4 xmas & retrieve the std apks from there (as prev said) otehr thna the KeyB nothing from the OP's list should present any problems although do make sure you've installed a replacement for stage b4 removing it (adw or what ever your pref is !!)
  12. i think it's only PAYG that's required to pay for unlatching i've checked & it looks like they only charged me £12.50 (not the quoted £15) if i could do it all again i'd get one of my overseas buddies to get it unlatched the way that fas69 did ;)
  13. LOL in layman's terms do you mean don't be updating to new flash in a hurry? ;)
  14. adzman808

    Camera picture and video storage

    SDcard/DCIM/Camera i believe is the full path but the gallary app will scan your phone & add any image in can find into the gallery (it wont physically move any pix/vids)
  15. IF its the same issue, then Fards fixed it yesterday.... (if) see http://android.modaco.com/content/dell-str...browser-issues/ cheers

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