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  1. Thanks Richard, I do like the Blackjack and it's an easy fix for me. I didn't know that WM6 was coming for it so maybe I wait. It looks like WM6 is the way to go.
  2. Hello everyone, My Cingular 2125 (HTC STM 5700 type Smartphone) has beeped its last beep. I'm hoping to find some help to pick my next phone and in a hurry too. I'm currently with Cingular. Requirements: - similar size to my current phone 4.6 in x 0.7 in x 1.8 in - 3.7oz (116 x 46 x 18 mm - 116g) - 3G - speakerphone - ability to access my stmp email - view pdf and word documents - fast processing - I use Outlook so it would be good to sync contacts etc. - surf web easily Being and early adopter I like to utilize all the latest technologies. Interested in wifi, camera, bluetooth, touchscreen, mp3 Cell Phones that caught my eye. - i-mate Ultimate 8150 (specs seem hard to believe, but hey! I'll take it!!) - HTC S710 - iPhone?? (looks big) - Samsung Blackjack (not sure of the model#) - HTC MTeoR Other phones?? Can you guys please help me decide on the best new phone to buy to meet my needs and let me know why you recommend your suggested choices. Thanks for reading! :rolleyes:
  3. I got connected! I also posted on howard forums and they gave me step by step to get connected ;) works great!! :P
  4. Hello everyone! I bought the original Audiovox SMT5600 way back in Nov/04 Back then with ATT we set up the phone easily to surf the web with IE browser and get email etc. Setting up the phone to us as a MODEM was a bit hard but we got that done too. Now that ATT is Cingular I upgraded my phone to the Cingular 2125 and was expecting to get the same features only better. Yes I can surf on the phone using IE browser and yes I can send and receive mym POP3 emails but using the phone as a MODEM is another matter. I just got off the phone with a Cingular tech who told me I need to have a different plan. Currently I have the Media Net unlimited MB download for $19.95 per month but they said in order to use the phone as a MODEM to connect to my laptop I need to download their DataConnect software AND to change plans to their Data Connect plan which is $19.95 but for only 5MB of download!!! Unlimited is a lot more!!! ;) Since I already have a full internet connection on the EDGE system I should be able to use that connection. I don't think it's right for them to have to charge an EXTRA $40 per month just to be able to use the phone as a moden for my laptop. What do you all think?? With the ATT System what I did was set up the modem as a dial up connection which would dial *99# to make the connection as a MODEM. My main question is... Can we get an internet MODEM connection with the new 2125 Smartphone without using the Data Connect software? Anyone familiar with this please respond.
  5. Hi there. I was looking for an application that I could load onto my SMT 5600 that gave me a good usable countdown timer with alarms and a stopwatch with laptimes. Basically something like the G-shock watch do etc. Any links?? Thanks for reading __________________
  6. BlackSea: You da man!! Thanks a ton! I am sending this with the gprs connection on my SMT5600. :lol: :D ;) Decent speed too!
  7. BlackSea: I think you are trying to show me how to link my computer to my phone using Bluetooth. I cannot do this because my computer does not have Bluetooth. I am trying to connect to the internet by using the gprs connection with my cellphone. Not by dialing an internet acces phone number like a regular line, but with the gprs connection that I already have on the cellphone. I should be able to do this, using the USB cable or the IRport.
  8. Hi there. I have Windows XP pro and ATT wireless SMT5600 using usb connection. I turned off activesync on the PC. On the phone I went into Modem Link and set the connection to USB, then clicked MENU activate. I downloaded and installed the driver for the modem. Now my PC network connections has 2 dial-up connections called att gprs using *99***1# and GPRS connection using *99***5# I tried changing the GPRS to *99# Anyway when I go to network connections on my PC and right-click one of them to connect... it tries but it gets... opening port Error: 690 No dial tone. I don't want to dial a number, I want to connect with GPRS. I must be missing something basic. Can anyone help? :?:
  9. Hi all. For anyone interested, I just posted a review of the Audiovox SMT 5600 on ePinions.com Click HERE Awesome phone. Still looking for a fix on the Key-lock/dimming issue. When taking a call with key-lock mode on, the screen will dim to a dark setting and only one key will reactivate the screen but you can barely see the instructions. Taking the call should turn off the Key-lock feature so that you can access the lighted display. Instead you need to remember not to instinctively press the end-call button, which also doubles as a cancel or return to home button. This may take some time to become a habit as the screen goes dark after 50 seconds. Same thing happens when I get an appointment reminder while key-locked, you can barely read the screen to see what it is and what to do, dismiss or snooze. Worst thing is you cannot take it out of key-lock until you dismiss or snooze. Would be good to be able to reschedule it too.
  10. Thanks encece. I somehow have it working now. Im very happy. How do you like your 256MB SDmini??? My SMT5600 didn't come with one and I don't find I need one at the moment. What are you using yours for?
  11. So today as I was reading a webpage I heard an email notification. SO I swapped over and to my suprise saw that the send/receive must have just went through because there it was, a new email. So replied to it and left the reply in my send box to see if it would get sent in 15-minutes. I waited about 45-minutes and it was still there. What's up?!?! :?
  12. Hi everyone. I'm fresh into the smartphone arena but not a too much of a n00b at PDAs, internet and puters gadgets. trying to configure my new Audiovox SMT5600 to check my POP3 server evey 15 minutes but I just can't seem to get it working. I can get the mail when I do a manual send/receive but not automatic. I always seem to forget to press send/receive and so I don't get to send my replies until I realize. Also trying to get mmode to send replies thru my domain or at least show like it came from my [email protected] not [email protected] Any ideas?
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