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  1. I am seeking for the HTC version. But, also thanks for your help!
  2. Hi experts, Can anybody help to mod the IME working fine on the Nexus One. The IME which is extracted from desire with Chinese Input method! Thx! http://www.multiupload.com/YEGW47VPEL
  3. [Request] NEW HTC_CIME .zip patches (with quick input method) Thanks Paul for the old HTC_CIME for N1 and desire. Now, HTC had released the new version of HTC_CIME in Desire 2.2 ROM (HKCSL Version), which includes Quick input method. I would like anyone may help for extracting the input method into a independent framework. Thanks for the great work for extracting the ROM! PS, Would anyone mind to provide a low-res version as well! Thanks!
  4. Enjoy! http://www.4shared.com/file/aIq6Qq1f/I9000ZSJF5.html And can any one help to change it as a flashable update.zip or Odin3 file, thx!
  5. Can anyone kindly provide the Galaxy S Hong Kong stock ROM for Odin3, thank you!
  6. Hi experts, Can anyone teach how to dump the stock ROM out from the device and Turn in to files for Odin3 to flash. Thanks!
  7. Please share if u have finished. Appreciate with your hardwork.
  8. Multi-touch would be lost as the HTC_CIME KB has been set as typing keyboard. Anyone got this issue or got solutions. Thank you!
  9. long waiting.... F5 key is gonna break!!!
  10. Waiting for release! One 0.8 device waiting!
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