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  1. MacCarron

    Will there be an official stable r10?

    For EVERY device that comes out, MoDaCo is a little pond that pretty much turns into a rotting swamp in a couple of months, XDA is an ocean with fresh water nearly ad infinitum. 2+2= ? I have long since moved on, my only regret is "donating" 10€, as some hypocritical people will define "purchasing a subscription", when I was a noob. For noobs (aka "everyone,in the beginning") are the ones who get esnared.
  2. MacCarron

    Paul working on r10 based on an unreleased leak

    Now that's just disinformation. Lots of bricks around? A2SD+ not good? Yeah stay right here and don't taint the work of others with lies.
  3. MacCarron

    Paul working on r10 based on an unreleased leak

    Hey we are not the ones still waiting for something that will already be old if and when it ever comes and that apparently think every delay is a magic coincidence, so right back at you and enjoy.
  4. MacCarron

    Benefits of ditching Sense ROMS?

    I guess you are referring to Settings -> Display -> Timeout. Range from 15secs to 30mins. Screen will turn off and a few seconds later phone locks. Volume is subjective i guess..on the lowest settings it's fine by me.
  5. MacCarron

    Paul working on r10 based on an unreleased leak

    Wrong premises, wrong conclusions. Sorry. Also you can't compare MoDaCo with XDA and other dev's websites. And you can't jump back and forward from "some people" to "(all) people" making generalizations all over the place.
  6. MacCarron

    New Android Market

    Glad i could help :)
  7. MacCarron

    New Android Market

    Mmmh..clearing the data worked for me in the past but i haven't been using modaco roms for the past three months now so this is not something i have experienced lately..you could try booting into recovery and wiping the cache partition + dalvik cache...you won't lose any data, first boot after wiping will take some time and maybe that will fix it.
  8. MacCarron

    New Android Market

    Try Settings->Apps->Manage Apps->All->Market->Clear Data/Clear Cache. It happens sometimes with the Market, nothing to get too concerned about.
  9. MacCarron

    New Android Market

    Yep..wait and hope. Or go to XDA.
  10. The fact that 2.3 sources will be released in the coming weeks does not mean that HTC will push a 2.3+Sense for the Desire dude..hell, it will most likely never happen. And as such it is very unlikely that you'll see a 2.3 MCR for the Desire. Just like there's no 2.2 MCR for the Hero, while there's A LOT of perfectly working 2.2 Hero ROMs on XDA. I'd be glad to be proven wrong, but i think the Desire will get 2.3+Sense only when they are released for the DHD/DZ and someone @ XDA ports both to our phones.
  11. I agree. But i think a lot of people are getting frustrated because even though you call it a donation, it is in fact a subscription, and that's how it is labeled in this very site. I payed for it with the same spirit with which i donated to xda, but once you call it a subscription most people (normal people?) expect more from it..some maybe even feel "robbed". Also the fact that Paul has been tweeting that "the update is probably coming later on this week" since october..well you get the idea. If i were him i'd do it old-school Cyanogen way: no ETAs.
  12. MacCarron

    Desire HD Cam is fixed, what about a HD Kitchen ?

    There was nothing wrong with v13..no disrespect, but i think a lot of people didn't know what they were doing, as i'm currently running it without a hiccup ;). v14 just came out anyway, new kernel (Ziggy 1124, very good kernel)
  13. Well the list is long..pretty much every rom over @ xda has at least one (i'm being conservative..) of the following things: -newer builds -newer radios -newer kernels ( A LOT of new kernels, featuring HAVS, BFS, higher OC, heavy UV, battery optimizations, the new CPU group scheduler, audio mods, EXT4 etc etc) -themes -Desire HD features -Desire Z features -latest Espresso features -CMod features -Data2SD (I/O performance through the roof, virtually unlimited app storage) -Optimized Data2SD (same as above and more, quadrant over 2700) And these are just Sense ROMs...if you get into the AOSP world..it's another galaxy. CMod, Ultimate Droid, Oxygen. Heck, there's so much stuff one can barely keep up. MCR was great when it received its last true update. In the first days of September.
  14. Hi guys! B). For those of you that don't visit XDA on a regular basis, there has been a lot of chatter and wishes about the porting of one of the latest CyanogenMod's features to Sense ROMs. The mod was originally designed for the HTC EVO, but with some effort i have ported it to the current MCR :). Here's a snapshot: I have tested the mod on a freshly baked r9 and everything works smoothly. The widget is configurable, quoting the original thread: The attached zip is the "stock" mod, with no widget.txt included. The maximum number of shortcuts supported is 6. As always remember to NANDROID FIRST. Also, applying battery mods and stuff on top of this mod might (a.k.a "will most likely") result in bootloops. Again, quoting: And finally, here's the ported mod to be flashed via recovery: EDIT: Browser FCs fixed. Everything seems to be working now, please report bugs if any are found :) NEW LINK: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6419606/Notificati...MoDaCo-r9v2.zip ALL CREDITS GO TO JsChiSurf from the EVO forums @XDA
  15. Yes you can, just extract Friendstream.apk from a prebake or a previous download, adb install it and reboot. Worked perfectly for me.

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