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  1. Hi, I was finally convinced to replace stock rooted ROM and use Modaco 3.2, I performed backup before the flashing and I would like to recover the data such as Contacts, Message History. I have tried to use Titanium backup prior to flashing but it kept stop when asking SU permission, or stop at 99% when trying to download busybox. Is there a way to recover data from nandroid backup? or do i have to restore my original backup and try to make Titanium backup works first? Thanks for any guide.
  2. Hi all, I followed newbie guide to flash my HTC hero from http://android.modaco.com/content/absolute...e/#entry1143767. Thanks to Shahz It works great now I can access Android Market, however after completing all the steps I notice that I cannot type Chinese character anymore. Is there specific ROM/Radio I should use to be able to have Chinese writing pad? I picked HTC Generic 2.73.405.38 and I originally had Thanks beforehand for any assistance.
  3. excellent guide indeed, now I can access Android Market.
  4. you should be getting a ZIP file, you may have downloaded the HTML which contain link to the file
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