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  1. hmmm.. how to use it or implement to my phone? is there any improvement?
  2. hello gary... how to disable or uninstall sliding windows lockscree? I want use standard lockscreen without sliding lock.. thnxx man..
  3. yep me too :D I can't connect my omnia hehehe.. maybe someone else can try it n report it here
  4. hellooo guys, just wanna ask, is there anyone have upgraded omnia II's firmware via samsung kies? is it same with samfirmware or not? thnx guys
  5. hello guys I've problem with MS Team Lite rom... when I connect to wifi and suspend my phone, my wifi is turned off.. I've already turn off power save mode, and not work.. can anyone fix this problem? because it's so annoying when you connect wifi for chat and suspend your phone, your messenger will disconnected.. on another lite ROM there is no problem like this... thnx
  6. hello friend just want to share... to get excellent gps locking, try this.. 1. install aGPS_tweak_rbs.cab 2. install samsung_sdkcert.cab and GPSmoddriver v3.20. cab (you can search using google) 3. go to nogarder GPS *#1472365# (setting/GPS/operation mode set to MS-Based), (setting/GPRS(AGPS)/server address and TCP set to 4. Set com 2 (GPSmoddriver) to all GPS software. 5. for garmin or all gps software that cannot use COM 2 (GPSmoddriver) instal Questub.cab (search using google). everything just go perfect know...
  7. hello everyone, who have problem with GPS that can't connect wihtout sim card, maybe this can help.. because it work for me 1. change ROM to JJ1 --> Eboot, Phone, CSC, PDA (for PDA I using RAPID semi lite JJ1) 2. go to norgader GPS *#1472365#, settings/GPS/operation set to standalone. 3. install beelineGPS v2 -> search on google 4. download XTRA data 5. go to setting/ gps = GPS progam port set to COM 4, GPS hardware port set to COM 9, baud rate set to 115200, manage GPS automatically gps = must be on 6. soft reset. 7. open beelineGPS and wait until you can connect to the satellite, and then wait for 2-4 minute with beelineGPS still open (make it hot start effect on next GPS connection) 8. turn off your phone, remove sim card, turn it on again, and open beelineGPS and see will your phone can connect gps or not, for this step may take a little bit long time so be patient.. (remember your phone must be on phone mode , not flight mode, just remove your sim card and turn it on again) If your phone can connect GPS without sim card, I'll share my registry tweak, because I've tried many custom registry for GPS but always fail, right now I modify darius and master twu2 gps patch tweak, and works far far better now.. and one more. I really really big thanx to skoda60, DariusP for helping me so far please give back your report..
  8. ok guyss... thank you very much for your help.. maybe for next phone I won't choose samsung again ;) because gps is most important feature for me in cellphone..
  9. ello guys, I just want ask about GPS. why my gps isn't working without sim card? and if my phone running out from gsm signal because I'm on small town or on mountain my gps isn't working either??? can anyone help me?
  10. wohoooo.. thank youuu kimitza for sharing your gps tweaking.. my gps is better now.. hehehe...
  11. yepp.. I'll wait your lite rom.. thnx bro
  12. hmm.. do you use gps fix from this http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...-fix-for-i8000/
  13. hmm.. nice information broo... is MS Team lite rom use GPS patch too? because I'don't like sense ROM, because RAM eater n make my phone slower..
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