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  1. http://www.opera.com/mobile/specs/ Opera makes two browsers. Mini is available for a wide range of phones, even not-very-smart ones. Opera's own servers download the page you request, re-encode it, and send a minimal image of it to you. This massively reduces both bandwidth use and the requirements of rendering on your phone, hence why it can work on 'Java phones'. However, this obviously depends on someone being willing to host the servers (proxies) that compress and re-broadcast the content. I believe some carriers have arrangements with Opera that they will host/pay for the servers, but monetize this by adding adverts to the stream (very easily done as the content is being reprocessed). Mobile is a full client-side web browser, comparable to a PC browser or the standard iPhone / Android browsers. It does have the option of utilizing Opera's servers to reduce bandwidth use, however it is basically a full stand-alone browser. Therefore if you're using Mini, and the ads are appearing in the app, it may not be a case of your phone being remotely branded, but just you may be configured to use a proxy that adds adverts / branding.
  2. Ok, so I currently have a T-Mobile Pulse. Slow processor, limited graphics (can't render Angry Birds correctly), tiny internal memory. BUT I'm free to use it as I like. It was SIM-unlocked as soon as it came out. Not only does that let me use it on Vodafone, but I can get off the plane in HK and pick up a local sim card. Google Maps is super-handy in a foreign country - and it's a much cheaper way of getting online than hotel internet. Custom ROMs (2.1/2.2) no problem, USB/WiFi tethering, etc. For all its technical limitations, at least I've never felt that Huawei were trying to stop me using my paid-for phone as I please. Now, I want a more capable phone, and the Defy has caught my eye as being a worthwhile step up from the Pulse, but not as ridiculous a price as an iPhone. However, Motorola's policy appears to be: @tdcrooks if you want to do custom roms, then buy elsewhere, we'll continue with our strategy that is working thanks. ( http://www.androidcentral.com/moto-employe...nd-bad-attitude ) I would hate to invest £250 in a phone and feel I was entering battle with a company that was determined to release new firmware that locks me out of my phone, that there was no trustworthy way of getting it SIM-unlocked, etc. Is this a problem with the Defy ? Or are things all fine, and I'm being paranoid ?
  3. I'm also missing the 'castle' or 'land' bits of the graphics (just white like most of the background). Additionally, it crashes (returns to desktop) rather frequently for me. Using FLB 1.5 with apps2sd.
  4. Still enjoying my Pulse with FLB :) I generally keep my phones for a few years, obviously smartphones have a high rate of change at this point but wouldn't replace my Pulse til New Year at the earliest. Works ok as a phone for me, occasional dropped call but dependable enough now. SMSs are ok. Loving it for the boris-bike map, streaming BBC radio, reading news on the train etc.
  5. Thanks for the great review, very informative. How would you say the San Fransisco compares with the venerable Pulse, in use ?
  6. First, thanks for writing this guide, really helpful in removing the fear factor in upgrading to a custom ROM. One small thing - I tried to install the FLB rom with Apps2sd at the same time (using the 'Optional Step For AppsToSD'). However, the optional step ends up reformatting and repartitioning your SD card. Therefore when you return to the main script at step 10, your SD card has been wiped and no longer contains the FLB rom you copied to it in step 7. Perhaps move step 7 down to after the 'Optional Step For AppsToSD' ? Anyway I simply re-copied the ROM and all went fine. thanks :P
  7. Since this is the 'I don't have a Pulse Mini but want to talk about it anyway' thread.... review here http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2010/05/07/re...ile_pulse_mini/ fairly positive review. For the small size and £99 price, it sounds good. However I think the fact that the screen is smaller and resistive rather than capacitive means that the full-size Pulse remains preferable, albeit for £50 more. All we (Pulse owners) need is the Android 2.1 update !
  8. It did seem at the time like the Pulse was being sold crazy-cheap; introducing it at £176 was good enough, but within a few months it was briefly down to £96 with £15 cashback, as mentioned here. As low as £81 PAYG for something that stands direct comparison on features with the iPhone ? My guess at the time was that T-Mobile felt that it was the year of the mass-market internet phone, and wanted to use the opportunity to pull in as many new customers as possible with an unmatchable deal, hoping they would stay with T-Mo in the long run and use lots of internet. When I got mine at New Year, they had officially put the 'min top-up' up from £10 to £20 on the Pulse, which suggests they were concerned about unlocking ? So possibly the Pulse was put out cheaply, and either they decided their promotional budget had run its course, or realised a lot of us were unlocking our Pulses (don't know if a significant % of customers really do this though), or just that they weren't realising the benefits from the Pulse that they had anticipated and couldn't continue to justify the subsidy? Alternatively, Huawei may have decided to move production on to something new ? Seems odd tho. Or T-Mobile broke up with Huawei over contractual or quality issues ? Anyway, the Pulse was apparently very popular so I expect by the end of the year we will see multiple networks offering sub-£200 PAYG Androids. But maybe those of us with Pulses now have got something more valuable than we initially thought ? :)
  9. T-Mobile Pulse now on Vodafone, seems to be working 100%. Many thanks for the prompt service :)
  10. Brand New T-Mobile Pulse bought. Unlock just ordered :)
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